Is Poetry.com a scam?

Is Poetry.com a scam? Topic: Craft paper articles
July 16, 2019 / By Dixee
Question: I've heard that Poetry.com is a scam... they sent me an email saying my poem could be published by them since I'm a semi-finalist. Is it?
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Carlene Carlene | 7 days ago
Sorry to say, but yes it is a complete scam. They will publish anything--it is a vanity press. The Indianapolis paper did an interesting article about them last month. Legitimate publishers seem to be tough to find, but wish you luck. Most importantly, write for the sheer joy of it and the advancement of your craft.
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Carlene Originally Answered: Do you think poetry.com is a scam?
SCAM!!!! This is a thriving business that does not consider quality when publishing poetry. They consider how many of the poets whose work appears there will pay $60 for a copy of "their" book, or attend $600 poets’ conventions (not including meals or hotel) because they’re winning an award. Virtually everyone who submits a poem becomes a finalist. ABC’s “20/20” did an exposé in which an entire second-grade class submitted its poems. Every one of them received an offer to publish. They've scammed thousands of hopeful poets of hundreds of thousands of dollars under many, many names. Absolute Write's Bewares and Background Checks board has several hundred posts going back for more than five years detailing what the company has promised its poets and what they've actually received, plus the many names under which they've done business, including poetry.com, the American Library of Poetry, the International Library of Poetry, the National Library of Poets, and Watermark Press. Stay away and count yourself lucky. (Absolute Write has a good poetry board, BTW, with many accomplished poets.) See the poetry.com listing at Wikipedia for details and news stories.

Andreana Andreana
My ex is a poet. She sent her stuff to Poetry.com and they sent back the same thing. They offered to have her works published in a book and to send us a copy of the book for like $50 or 70 bucks. I am not sure that the book is in the shelf at Barnes and Noble... I think that they give a poet a chance to have a book filled with their and others writings that they can put on their own shelf. For what it is, I think it is a good idea, but I don't think you can buy their book anywhere else but their site. If I were a poet, I don't think I would put it on my resume... My .02
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Weston Weston
Yes. The way to prove this if you like is write something like this: Poem The dog ran to the fence barking, barking, The dog ran to the home barking, barking The dog was shot If they write back and tell you that you're a lterary genius it's a scam. That is not meant to say that people do not send good poems in...they do. But Poetry.com is not trying to discover new poets they are trying to sell poetry books.
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Samson Samson
yes I know 2 people who act like they are going to win something because they posted on Poetry.com and got a letter saying something about they are been "chosen" and that they are now published and to see this said publication they should sent like 50 bucks for a copy of the book. Its just a gimmick to scan lonely people!
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Nahor Nahor
'fraid so. The feckers will even, if they don't get ya at first hook, tell you yours is the best and so will print yours as the first poem listed. What they don't tell ya, is that with the leap forward in digital technology in printing, it's no extra hassle to print every single book to order, leaving every single gobshite thinking that their poem was the winner... Quite a brilliant business plan really. Not sure about their ethics, but everyone needs to have their ego stroked and poets more so than others... Tell you what... Give me 60bucks and I'll swear, by any God, (which is not a prob, cause there are none) that you, my friend are the veritable reincarnation of Wordsworth. (Shakespeare will cost a little more...It's all the hassle with the "prithee" this and "forsooth" that....
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Kent Kent
Yes. They tell everyone that. What they do is MAKE a book w/ your poem in it, hoping you will buy the book for about $60 or something like that. It is a crock, true and true. 3 of my children have submitted poems & they were all told the same thing.
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Kent Originally Answered: "Adult Poetry" - Do you feel 'sexual' poetry when wrote well describes the act of sexual intercourse.?
Sex is as valid a topic for poetry as any other. I don't know if one can do effective erotic poetry without being at least a little bit slutty; but slutty is part of the fun when you know why you're doing it. I would certainly include several of Marlowe's translations from Ovid (and quite a bit of Hero and Leander) under poetry which is both sleazy and breathtakingly beautiful. But there is also room for the downright offensive in serious poetry: John Wilmot's Imperfect Enjoyment (about impotence) is a masterpiece of English poetry, but you won't find it in many anthologies. I don't think one can be tasteful about sex. Sex is inexorably a sweaty, slippery business - if you are tasteful about it, you are not treating it with the respect it deserves. But sex is also the holiest of human acts; so it isn't just a question of whether you can write about it. If you are any good, you are obliged to.

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