Does ani1 else feel like dis?

Does ani1 else feel like dis? Topic: I like pop music essays
July 16, 2019 / By Dindrane
Question: yer well the thing is i go sooo mad sometimes i smash loadsa stuff up..or il just go and beat someone up... and i just feel like killing someone right now.. and im always crying but i dunno why but then some days i feel like im on a high and really happy but right now i feel low what is wrong and i beg people shut up bout literacy n shyt cos it ent even funny n i can spell dis is da internet nt a fkin essay u foolz thanks 4 da posotive comentz any1 else shut up bout literacy n shyt...... its da internet nt a fkin essay and yh i do have counsellin but it dont work
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Caris Caris | 3 days ago
Sounds like you might be bipolar or have some depression issues. You should tell your parent/guardian about your mood swings. But for the time being, I suggest listening to some upbeat music (something of the pop variety) or a song you really like to help you feel better. Good luck :)
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Caris Originally Answered: I feel completely alone, i am halfway across the country for school and feel like i have no friends or family?
Are you staying in your own apt. or in the dorm? You might want to consider moving to the dorm if you are not on campus as you can meet a lot of people that way. There are a lot of frosh mixers that are arranged by the school, have you attended those? What are your hobbies? Can you join something that includes your hobbies? Do your classes offer small meeting groups to discuss your homework and assignments, another great way to meet people. Go to the library and look for postings of meetings and groups and clubs. Move around the classrooms and sit in different locations and get to know the students in your class, there may be someone there who you'd really like to become friends with. Can you volunteer a bit in your down time? That way your time will be spent meeting people and helping people instead of sitting alone and feeling sad. Are there opportunities at school for volunteering? A lot of kids are away from home and that's a great ice breaker. You can begin with "Where are you from?"

Andee Andee
you have an anger issue. You have alot of energy and you are misdirecting it. Feel like smashing stuff try chopping wood or dig a hole. Anything that requires great physical excertion. You should go to counseling for depression. We have gotten really mad before and have had hard times but having someone t talk to is wonderful.
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Weldon Weldon
you are young . The body produces a lot of hormone at your age, Your feelings are like spots its a part of growing, These hormone and chemicals that your body produce change in your Your body and Maud swings . Visit your doctor. This is the same for young men and women. For young women being put on a fertility pill can even up moud swings. There are things for a guy to.
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Salmon Salmon
I feel like that sometimes too. I'm guessing your a teenager? It's just hormones. It could just be PMT. Just take a deep breath and calm down, crying can help too. Don't beat anyone up, try punching a pillow or something.
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Murtagh Murtagh
im like that all the time without the crying part ive got an overload of anger issues lol go see a therapist bout it
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First of all, don't beat yourself up so bad, this is not the end of the world. We all go through situations that we feel like we messed up royally, but it's too late to change it now. What's done is done. It sounds like you have test anxiety, which is very common. Is there anyway you can take the test over or make up for your lower grade by doing extra homework or research paper? Talk to your teacher, explain to him/her what happened. If he/she is not understanding, talk to your school guidance councilor. Remember to tell yourself to breathe, that this is not the worst thing in the world. Get and ask for help, including talking to your parents. Also, research on line on how to organize your thoughts, to train yourself for testing, get a notebook and prioritize your day/life. I know when I have a list of things that I need to get done it is less overwhelming than trying to do it all out of my head.

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