When I try to play videos on my computer, they "stutter" and go in slow motion - what's wrong?

When I try to play videos on my computer, they "stutter" and go in slow motion - what's wrong? Topic: Youtube videos on problem solving
July 17, 2019 / By Dindraine
Question: ^^ Just what the title says. At first I thought it was just a problem YouTube was having, but then it happened on my QuickTime Movie player as well. I don't mean that it pauses to buffer... even when the video is already fully loaded, it randomly slllllllows down and it sounds like I have it on slow motion, but then it quickly corrects after a few seconds. It also stutters sometimes and gets stuck on the same fraction of a second of the video and replays it extremely quickly about 4-6 times, but then starts working normally again. Has anyone heard of this? My mother likes to open up junk emails, so I'm worried that it is a virus on the computer... but what type of virus just causes "video stutter"? I've never heard of one! Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated! I'll pick a best answer TODAY! Thank you!
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Carine Carine | 2 days ago
I have had a similar problem with my audio. Try checking your system tray; if you have more than six things running in the background, it can seriously slow things down. It /could/ be a virus, I suppose, but unfortunately I don't know what kind it would be... I solved my problem my just making sure I didn't have too many things running. Hopefully that will help, but I would do a virus scan just to be safe. Good luck :)
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AS YAHOO'S "TOP ANSWERER", I AM STUNNED THAT PARTS OF MY FAMOUS "BEST ANSWERS" ARE BEING USED BY OTHERS FOR ULTERIOR PURPOSES. Are you sure that it isn't "We're sorry, this video is no longer available"? Do you have stupid "Google Web Accelerator" or something just like to it? If yes, then dump it, burn it, trash it, disable it, get rid of it, uninstall it -- do everything possible to get as far away from it as possible. It conflicts with and ruins YouTube. Trying to circumvent GWA by clicking "Don't Accelerate this Website" will not help you whatsoever. Having said that, the advice below may sound contradictory to what I have just written above, but please study it anyway. (Just pretend that you are reading what's below in 2007, and that you had never installed GWA.) If your YouTube is slow or stuck, or if you see messages on your screen that are not true, or if people on Yahoo! suggest you either change or install stuff:....DON'T TOUCH A THING. You don't need to fool around with java scripts, flash players, firewall settings, anti-virus utilities, pop-up blockers, active X controls, or different browsers. And definitely stay away from add-ons (like GWA) and any software which disguised sales people here on Yahoo! are trying to "sucker" you into buying. None of those things will help you -- because your computer and YouTube were running perfectly good at one point, right? The first rule of thumb and the best option should always be: DON'T disable, erase, uninstall, switch, download, alter, add, change or install a thing. That will only make matters worse. (Google Web Accelerator is a good example.) When slow or odd things start happening, clear your "cache" of all "temporary internet files", "cookies" and "history". That is much better than compounding your problems with stupid gizmos & doodads like utilities, downloaders and converters. If you're not sure how to delete your "cache", or if you would like more "tips" on making YouTube run even better (without having to buy or install a thing), click on my avatar and send send me an email -- preferably with your YouTube or regular email address. I will guide you step-by-step through "cache" clearing plus my "tips" in plain English with full explanations. Other than that, please know that there are some people on Yahoo who are disguised salespeople vying for your dollars. If someone's "answer" to your question is for you to get/use something, please be aware that their replies probably have nothing to do with your question and that their products will no doubt worsen your problem. Besides, what kind of a silly answer is:...[my paraphrase] "Although you can't access or even watch videos, buy my downloader." Note: Although I've never suffered from "TVINLA", a weird fix that once worked for me when I had no options was altering the URL "www . youtube . com" to simply "youtube . com", (or you can even try "ca . youtube . com"). ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ For your reference, this is direct from Google's own website. I have included the full URL web address, plus its direct link: QUESTION 4 -- Does Google Web Accelerator speed up all web pages? ANSWER -- No, it doesn't....Google Web Accelerator won't speed up pages encrypted with the HTTPS protocol. Also, GWA only speeds up web pages, not data downloads such as MP3 and streaming video files. web accelerator . google . com / support . html # basics 4 http://webaccelerator.google.com/support...
Carine Originally Answered: Youtube won't let me play videos?
Try refreshing the webpage or... Turn off web accelerator, if you have one - it may be conflicting with youtube. or.. It could be due to slow connection or high traffic. Try watching it during off peak hours, the video will be smoother. Or you could watch it offline smoothly... try using 'zillatube' . It works well - Just google search "zillatube" to get it. ==========================♥♥♥
Carine Originally Answered: Youtube won't let me play videos?
go and see that you are uptodate on everything (microsoft.com) And java.com Make sure you have the most upgraded

Anastacia Anastacia
Playing a movie uses two types of resources, memory and disk usage. If either of those resources have a problem, then you can experience this type of problem. First, let's check the hard drive. On the hard-drive icon, right-click to see the properties menu. Then choose tools, de-fragment. Do an analysis of the hard drive? If it requires a de-fragment, then doing so might solve your problem. If your problem is memory, then you have programs running that are taking up too much of this resource. Press the keys alt-ctrl-del to bring up the task manager. Under both the application tab and the process tab, look to see if anything is using too much CPU or memory. If so, then that is the problem. Depending upon what that program is, you may be able to delete. Be careful here though, most of what you see is needed by Windows to run.
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The famous message "WE'RE SORRY THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE" is typically the result of software which stupidly claims that they can actually "accelerate" video buffering. This includes crappy things such as GWA, SpeedBit, Trident, Jaton, ATI, Diamond Fire and Easy Video Accelerator. Of course nothing "accelerates" streaming video files. Even the people at YouTube, Google and Macromedia know this, and write that in their own FAQs. Thus if you have any kind of "accelerator"...then dump it, burn it, kick it, rip it, trash it, uninstall it; do everything you can to get as far away from it as possible. If you do not have one of those moronic utilities, something on your computer is interfering with YouTube. Thus, please consider any of these possibilities: Not much in terms of playing YouTube vids has changed in the past 2 years. If anything, all the newer flash players are causing lots of YouTubers some kind of grief, especially all 5 variations of version 10. It's crazy that there is a 10.0.525, 10.1.218, 10.2.26, 10.2.54 and 10.12.36. For the most part, updates are typically good for one thing: computer/software problems. I have never strayed away from 9.47, and a lot of "flashers" swear by 9.45. Think of those 2 like Windows XP compared to Vista. Take a look at the "Asker's" comments to this other "Best Answer" of mine: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... You may also wish to consider these alternate possibilities: → Tools → Internet Options → Connections (tab) → LAN Settings (which is the very last button) → uncheck "Automatically detect settings" → Tools → Internet Options → Advanced (tab) → scroll down until you reach "Multimedia" → check-mark all but "Show image download placeholders" Two people have written to me saying after they got rid of a certain software, things seemed to work all right afterwards: One person got rid of his "nVidia" drivers; the other trashed his "ad blocking" utility. Do you perhaps have either or both of these on your computer? I've saved my favorite other solution for the end. YouTube is at its best when you clear all your "Cookies", "History" and "Temporary Internet Files". My cool "CHTIF" triple-cure has resolved hundreds of people's problems, so why not yours? Close out YouTube, do the following, then shutdown/reboot: Internet Explorer 6: → Tools → Internet Options → Delete Cookies → OK → Delete Files → OK → Clear History → Yes → OK Internet Explorer 7: → Tools → Internet Options → Delete... → Delete files → Yes → Delete cookies → OK → Delete history → OK → Close (browsing history window) → OK Mozilla Firefox → Tools → Clear Private Data [x] Browsing History [x] Download History [x] Saved Form and Search History [x] Cache [x] Cookies → Clear Private Data Now I hope my multiple answer is helpful for you. If you are able to determine the "cause" and its "cure", I would appreciate it if you could please let me know, either by clicking on my avatar or emailing me at "[email protected]". IMPORTANT: ANOTHER POSSIBLE CAUSE IS FIREFOX 3 AND ITS INTERACTION WITH YOUTUBE'S (GOOGLE'S) "CACHE" SERVERS THAT REFUSE THE PLUG-IN'S REQUEST FOR VIDEO FILES. THIS RETURNS A FALSE ERROR CODE TO YOUTUBE SAYING THAT IT CAN'T FIND THE VIDEO, OR THAT THE REQUEST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. OF COURSE, THE VIDEOS ARE REALLY THERE, BUT FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, YOUTUBE RETRANSMITS THE ERRONEOUS CODE TO A "THIS VIDEO IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE" MESSAGE. WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? NOBODY KNOWS, BUT IT IS A FIREFOX AND YOUTUBE ISSUE. IF YOU'RE USING FIREFOX 3, YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY A DIFFERENT BROWSER.
Anastacia Originally Answered: Cant get videos to play on youtube?
Maybe they accidentally deleted it on the computer it was made on. Or, if it was like a T.V. show or something that has ®,© (reserved copyright and copyright) it should be deleted by the person who owns it (e.g., Viacom, etc). If it's not one of those, maybe it's been there for too long. I don't know! I'm useless. Like movie trailers too, it has to be made by the producing company or a movie sponsor, not some random Youtube account.

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