Should I drop this class or try for a C/D?

Should I drop this class or try for a C/D? Topic: Really good excuses for not having homework
July 22, 2019 / By Dina
Question: I'm at a community college taking a general biology course. I'm pretty behind in the course- I have a D. In trying to get caught up in bio, I have also fallen behind in other classes-however I think there is more hope for those. I talked to my bio professor about it, and she said I would have to earn at least a high B on everything for the rest of the semester in order to get a low C - however that is pretty dicey. Obviously if I really picked up the pace on everything I could have a chance- but I am pretty behind so it would take a lot of time to get caught up-therefore I don't know where I will have the time to get caught up on my other classes and pay attention to other things in life. I'm exhausted all of the time and am just in a rut- I hate to say this but if I dropped it things would be a lot easier-however I already have a W from last semester so this will be my second one. I'm interested in science- but this has been the kind of course where if I don't hit the ground running from the start then it will be difficult to catch up- so in wanting to pursue a science career, I think it would be a good idea to retake the course anyway to learn things fully. Is it really worth it or should I just drop it and save myself the stress? Or will it be worse to have a second W on my transcript? I know that's money down the drain but I'd like to have a fresh start and really get something out of this course. I want to get a good experience out of college and learn a lot-after all it's a huge investment- but I just feel like I'm making excuses and am feeling pretty insecure about this decision- thoughts?
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Carin Carin | 10 days ago
Only you can make the decision Here is what I think How many classes do you have right now? 5 or 6 or less? If you have 4 classes with this biology class then yes you are slacking and you don't have good study habits like going to the library to study and do your homework right after class or when you have a break. If you have 5 or 6 or even 7 then yes that is a lot of credits. If you have the ability to take it again then do it. Biology is a hard class that requires at least 1 hour of review everyday. You need to understand the concepts and it has hard terminology so that does not help. Do you have financial aid or scholarships? If you do then try not to get any more W they will take the funding away. If you are paying and want to pay yet again then go ahead, but save the trouble next time and money and just study. When you are in college you have no life. Sorry that is how it is if you take it seriously. I graduated with honors in college. I completed 2 mayors at once. I had 5-6 classes in the summer (the material is crammed into 1 or 2 months) The fall and spring I had 4-5 classes. I don't even know how I did it. I could not afford to make a mistake because I had no money to go to college so I was relying on scholarships. Today I only owe money from printing. I paid nothing not for books or classes. I though to myself is it worth it? To be a living zombie? (I had class from 7:00 am to 10:pm) I did it in those circumstances and even got honors you can too. Get it done! :)
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Carin Originally Answered: Should I drop this class?
If that's really what happened, and it happened to me, I would play offense, not defense. I don't take any unfair BS like that sitting down. I'd go straight to the dean to explain the problem. Then I'd make her life hell in a way that she can't do anything about without losing her career. I'd get to class very early, to get the middle seat of the front row. I'd start the audio recording app on my iPod and wait for students to arrive. Then I would stare at her normally, with a neutral expression, for the whole class, in a way that would be perfectly innocent to everyone else in the room. Then I'd wait until digs her own hole. She'll probably go postal very soon, and it will be her own fault. A student has a right to attend class peacefully and innocently watch the professor. Whatever problem she has, it's her problem. If she can't deal with it in a professional manner at all times, then she has no business being in that career. If she controls herself, then I'd still drop before the deadline, but her treatment of a student in that manner deserves giving her the rope to hang her own career.

Anabella Anabella
You should definitely drop the path for those who suppose like you're doing poorly or should you think like you don't have time. A W will have to no longer hurt you. My tutorial adviser told me that almost all pupils do grow to be shedding a path at a while for the period of their institution career and it's not a tremendous deal. For those who drop it, it is not going to damage your GPA and someone watching at your transcript will recognize that you just at least attempted the course.This will have to not damage your probabilities in any respect of transferring schools.I have dropped three courses throughout my 4 years at university.
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Anabella Originally Answered: Should I drop my class?
If you really want to drop the class, then go ahead. Remember, you said it is YOUR fault for not studying. If you are willing to try harder, keep the class.
Anabella Originally Answered: Should I drop my class?
to get a 70% for the end, you would need 111% on both tests which i'm assuming isn't possible unless there's mad extra credit points to get a 60% for the end (which i don't know if you would consider passing), you would need an average of 83.3% on the last two tests (whether you got 100 on one and a 70 on the other wouldn't matter, as long as they averaged to be 83.3%)

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