Can I melt crayons on a phone case?

Can I melt crayons on a phone case? Topic: Long case soft
July 22, 2019 / By Diann
Question: I was just thinking that if I melted crayons on my phone case it would look really cool.. would that work or no? Its plastic?
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Best Answers: Can I melt crayons on a phone case?

Careen Careen | 6 days ago
Yes, crayons will melt. However, the melting point is so low and the wax is so soft that the melted wax won't stay on the case in normal use. There are plastics which are made to be melted by hobbyists, and are sold in some craft stores. However, I have no idea whether or not these plastics will hold up to normal use. As long as you don't try to melt the plastic directly onto the phone, I guess you could try it and see what happens.
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Careen Originally Answered: Can a magnet on my phone case mess up my phone?
no, a magnet cannot mess up a phone since phones don't store data in a magnetic form (such as computer hard drives are made up of millions of tiny magnets charged either - or + and if a magnet was placed on a laptop then yes, it could corrupt and break the laptop), but you have nothing to fear on a galaxy s3.
Careen Originally Answered: Can a magnet on my phone case mess up my phone?
Magnet impacts storages that use magnetic fields to save suggestion. storage on cellular telephone is often a flash memory the place no magnetic fields are saved. So no it won't cut back to rubble your telephone. Even for a magnet to electrify a complicated disk stress for a pc, it ought to be fairly solid and frequently magnets got here upon at homes(offered, or magnets from used audio equipment) have not got adequate ability to reason issues.

Amie Amie
What makes you think they would last for as much as a day of ordinary use even if you did not melt the case? Crayons are intended to be destroyed in use - they have almost no strength. If you want dribbles of color, get paint, really clean the case - like with alcohol and lightly sand the surface to provide tooth.
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Washington Washington
You may be able to but if the case is plastic it may also melt it. You might also find that the crayon will fall off if there are no groves for the crayon to get something to garb onto.
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brush a LIGHT amount of mineral oil (available at walmart or hardware store) on it. let it dry at least an hour, make sure you only put it on rubber. if its not sticky enough try another LIGHT coat, dry 1 hr, repeat as neccessary.

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