Job Application help? (Underage)?

Job Application help? (Underage)? Topic: Ups employment application pdf
July 16, 2019 / By Diana
Question: http://community.hottopic.com/hottopic/Jobs/pdfs/Application_Hot_Topic_Standard_3_0_7_Sterling_.pdf I want to be a sales associate. I am 14, but as you can see, I want to work at Hot Topic, which allows 14 yearolds to work there. The place I'm hoping to work at is hiring...so I'm pretty confident. Should I put minimum wage for the desired pay? (Would I seem stupid if I asked for $8 an hour?) I can work eight hours a day, but not past seven (I think), and I pretty much want to work every day that I can. Will they think I'm crazy if I put full time for every day? What should I put down for my week hours? (I just don't want them to think I'm nuts). I haven't gone to High School yet - I'm rising to 9th grade this year. What should I put down? It's a summer job, ya'll. That's why I'm asking five days before summer.
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Cara Cara | 4 days ago
Since/if this is your first job. I would not ask for more than minimum pay if you do put anything down. When it comes to starting out. You work your way up. If you ask for more,you're likely not going to even get called in for an interview. Most places of employment won't look at you for a raise until you've been there at least six months. Full time is between 35-40 hours a week. Sure you can do that while going to school 40 hours a week? That's technically two full time jobs here. So you may want to let your employer know that this would only be for the summer and when school starts you would have to cut down your hours to about 25 a week or so. Oh,depending on what shift you apply for will determine when you clock in clock out. Since you're so young. Odds are they really would not have you working late. I would just go on and apply for first shift. Most likely your hours would start at 7-8am and end around 3pm or so. Which really is decent hours.
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Ami Ami
First off what you put for your salary is a key factor in decideing of u are hired or not. If u put to high it is an automatic NO if u put to low they probably still wont hire u because it is likely u will leave if a better paying job come. Next it is impossible for a high school student to work fulltime or 40 hours a week and illegal. So u can work part time. You should ask for about 7.80 for desired pay. Just my opinion. As for hours 20-25 hours a week. Going to school full time and working fulltime is tireing. School is 8 hours, and work is 8 hours. Thats 16 hours. 8 hours for sleep then it all starts again and again and again . U should really consider that
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Warren Warren
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Ryan Ryan
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