What song should i play him?

What song should i play him? Topic: How to write a song for your sister
July 15, 2019 / By Diamond
Question: okay so i have this guy friend(cody)...we have been fighting.i used to looooove him.but my bestfriend (haley) liked him so i didnt say n e thing..now he thinks that i was setting him up bc haley liked donald and i was telling cody to ask her out while haley liked donald but my sister told him i was setting him up bc haley would break up with him to go with donald when he asked her..i really wasnt thinking and im going over his house tomarro with my guitar...what should i play for him to tell him how sorry i am and how much i love him? urrggg...i hate talking..d: lol what about yesterday by the beatles? what about id come for you by nickleback?
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Capucine Capucine | 3 days ago
I can't think of a song, but you can talk to him about how you feel, or write a song about the situation if you think you can do that. :)
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Amey Amey
I don't think any song I know can match your situation. I'd just explain to him what happened and then play a happy or funny song so you guys can move on from that. =)
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