Could you get in trouble being in the car with someone you didn’t know was an illegal alien?

Could you get in trouble being in the car with someone you didn’t know was an illegal alien? Topic: Just in case someone didn't tell you
July 22, 2019 / By Diamanda
Question: If you get pulled over by the Cops and someone in the car is an illegal alien in the country but you are not, can you get in trouble?
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Best Answers: Could you get in trouble being in the car with someone you didn’t know was an illegal alien?

Caprina Caprina | 2 days ago
I suppose your asking about being guilty by association. My 16 year old got caught with some friends that tagged a wall but he had no paint and was just with them. He got a ticket for graffiti anyway and I told him it does matter who you decide to hang with. Now it get more complicated, if the person driving was transporting the illegals for long distances then trafficking can come into play or transporting illegals but most of the time you won't get in trouble unless the cop finds drugs in the car in which case you might not get in trouble but there is a possibility you could be detained which by definition is trouble. Most of the time the answer is no, your not going to get in trouble since being here unlawfully is not considered a serious criminal act. If the illegal person is caught while crossing the border it is more serious. (Weird huh) They still deport them but its like J walking if the cop sees you do it you get a ticket, if the cop does not see you do it then no. If your in an inner state and the cop pulls you over and the illegal person was driving drunk and hit someone then most likely they will be charged and have an immigration hold put on them as well. If they just ran a red light then most of the time if they have permission to drive, a license and insurance then they get a ticket and not even an immigration hold. If your in a border state many times they will treat these people differently. Why do I feel you already know the answer to this question?
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Caprina Originally Answered: Does anyone know how to get an illegal alien caught?
If you have the name and social security number he works under, is there anyway you could find the whose identity he has stolen? I'm sure that person would be able to bring legal action against him. What about the IRS? If he isn't filing taxes yet working under someones ss number, maybe they would be interested. I can't believe none of the agencies you listed about won't take any action. That is their job and they should do it. Good luck. hope you succeed

Amethyst Amethyst
Ronald Reagan granted amnesty for unlawful mexicans. So i could say no Obama's not in worry. we prefer Ron Paul interior the Whitehouse... not some faux Hollywood Actor like Ronald Reagan, or ex-cia agent (pakistan determination) Obama
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Ward Ward
no, there is no law requiring you to check IDS of the people in your car. There are a few times this could though. Crossing an international or even state border. Smuggling illegals is a crime, if it can be shown that you are doing so, yes you can go to jail.
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Russell Russell
at a Federal level it is called aiding and abetting in the United States judicial system IGNORANCE is not an excuse and does not make poor choices in judgement ok...... recent laws passed in Arizona will make it a crime and subject to imprisonment and possible deportation if you are here legally.
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Moses Moses
it seems like you would get in trouble. so before u let some one in your car make sure u ask for documentation.... but only for illegal mexican, cause if ur here illegaly from other country is ok.... (arizona)
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To rid yourself of an unwanted tenant it would help to know the following information. 1. Are you the owner of the home or do you have POA on the property effected? 2. What city and state is the home located? 3. Is the tenant currently behind in the due rental payments? 4. Has the tenant been a provable tenant problem? If your state allows for a five day eviction or being late with due rents, the tenant must first be served and given five days in which to "make good". If however the tenant pays the written due rent amount on the five day notice then he can not be evicted. If you have POA or are named on the deed of the property then there are fourteen and thirty day notices. These are more in line with what you are trying to accomplish, these types of notices are more a "move out" expected rather than a "make a payment or correct these actions" type notice. You still however have to keep in mind that any type of notice for eviction or remedy to cure have stipulation attached about how , when and the way they are served. Goofing one of these up may mean the unwanted tenant gets another month under your roof, the denial of requested action or in worst cases they will be awarded monies from you. Please take time to check into and read your city and state landlord - tenant laws. (in part) ....."Time to evict (in MN): Although you can file all the necessary paperwork and go to court yourself, I am strong proponent of paying an attorney to perform the eviction for several reasons:"...... ....."Regardless if you handle the eviction or you pay a service, the process generally works like this (in Hennepin County in MN):"..... http://www.evictionshop.com/eviction/evi... Here are two more links one covering Minnesota laws, one with Minnesota free eviction forms and other forms too. Good luck and use caution if not an attorney. "Minnesota Statutes 2007 Chapter 504B. Landlord And Tenant" Copyright © 2007 by the Office of Revisor of Statutes, State of Minnesota. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bin/getpub.ph... "Eviction Notices Select Your State to view forms for your area." http://www.ezlandlordforms.com/documents...

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