I'm an Atheist. How can you believe in the Christian god?

I'm an Atheist. How can you believe in the Christian god? Topic: India research foundation
July 22, 2019 / By Devon
Question: First off, I was raised by Irish Catholic parents, and was forced through private and Catholic schools my whole life... So before you think the question is based in ignorance, consider: In Genesis, the Bible says that the company of the angels was not enough to please the lord, so he created man to worship him... "God" is supposed to be omnipotent, and all knowing... So out of boredom, he created trillions of people (over the course of time), which FULL KNOWLEDGE BEFORE HAND that over half of them would spend ETERNITY in hell, being tortured with no hope... He KNEW about all the wars, the murders, the genocide... He knew about sick freaks who rape children, he knew about serial killers who get away... Is that love? Is that compassion? The Bible says "God is just." Besides, has ANYBODY ever taken notice of the fact that even Jesus implemented several Buddhist concepts into Christianity? In the forty years of Jesus's life that the Bible doesn't account for, historians have placed him in India, and several oriental areas... Funny how when he comes back, the Bible changes "If a man should harm you, let him be harmed in the same manner. And eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth," to "If a man should strike you on the left cheek, turn to him the other also," (A purely Buddhist teaching). Not to mention that Jesus always refers to his teachings as "The Way." What does Buddhism call it's teaching? You guessed it... Jesus, was a good man, who taught about love and how you can better yourself as a human being (disregarding the afterlife and supernatual crap)... But Christianity is a religion of intolerance. More people have be slaughtered in god's name, then Adolf Hitler's... (If you think that's false, maybe you should do a little research into some of the hundreds of inquisitions or the course of history...) And also... I've never had a problem in changing my beliefs... If I believe something, and someone can SOUNDLY discourage what I believe and show me a more plausible argument, then I'll give it serious though and consideration... Like I did when I left the church.
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Candis Candis | 9 days ago
Such people believe in such a god because they are brain-washed, frightened people. Too afraid to take a leap of faith and escape from a dysfunctional figure -- like a child with an abusive parent. They are frightened of the parent, yes, but they have grown a sick sort of bond with that parent. That is the way they learned to 'love' and know no other way. If another way should present itself to them, they will shun it like the plague, too scared of anything foreign but to what they have been raised to believe in. Also, it is in my opinion many people can't handle the concept that out there, just 'maybe', there isn't anything protecting them from disaster at all. They obviously have issues, too. Self-love issues for starters, or otherwise 'sinful' issues. From my experience, those guilty of shameful deeds/thoughts seek to redeem themselves through devoted Christianity or whatever other messed up religions out there offer them 'fogiveness'. Not all religions, of course, but most of them cater to this belief. Especially the ones who annoyingly come up to you and cram 'thou shalt burn in hell if you don't attend mass on Sunday every week' down your throat. And it makes me wonder... Why would god want you slaving at his feet like brainless resident evil zombies, anyway? A useless twit, singing him praises all night and all day...? God/It already knows how great he/it is. He/It 'created' us... Anyway, we are a severely flawed species and we are in his image. What does that say about god...? Exactly. Flawed creates its exact image. Also, everybody knows the Christian god is flawed beyond belief. Not to sound like I am bashing Christians, but some of them know this. The thing is, they just don't care. However, 'no' religion has a 'perfect' god and everyone can bash each other all they want -- as they have been doing for many years -- but the thing is to respect one another's beliefs and just... I don't know... leave it alone. Seriously. Note: I know I will offend many people through this post, though that is not my intention. Anyone and everyone can be good of heart, despite their beliefs in whatever gods. The foundations upon which gods are based and the people who believe and worship whatever gods are not one and the same in my mind. So... yeah. Child brain-washing and ingrained fear over the course of many, many years are my theories (applied to most organized religions). Sounds like an occult frenzy to me!
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Candis Originally Answered: Are you an Atheist or a Christian?
Even as a Christian, I disagree wholeheartedly with the idea of Pascal's wager. There are plenty of problems with it, mainly dealing with assumptions being made. "With that said, what is Atheism?" It is the belief that there is no god, especially a creator god. "Can atheism be called a religion since it is a shared disbelief in God which is in turn a belief?" A religion is a set of beliefs concerning the origin and purpose of the universe. If you believe that the universe was created by something besides god, you are still professing a belief in the origin of the universe. In short: yes, it's a religion.

Ambrosia Ambrosia
Dani, I believe probably because I feel like it was imprinted in my very DNA. Sounds stupid I know, but I feel that even if you cut my body into pieces each one would still bear God's fingerprint. I believe because it gives my life a meaning, a beauty, hope and peace. I believe because I grew up in the communist regime (former Czechoslovakia) whose ideology claimed "there is no God". They also claimed the regime was based on pure scientific atheism-materialism and that it was the best of worlds and presented a future of mankind. At the same time, they were oppressing and killing their opponents, spying on Christians, not allowing them to high schools and universities, monitoring their private libraries, their church meetings etc. etc. A very dull regime which left the culture broken, the cities grey and people bent, corrupted and scared. In the Soviet Union and whole Eastern Europe left millions of murdered, millions forced to escape or being moved against their will to totally different places where they didn't want to live. In this world it was THE CHRISTIANITY that presented hope, the inner freedom, the true alternative. There were many top educated as well as many simple Christians who never bent down before regime, who were the shiny light in a grey conformist society. I also believe because I feel it helps me to be free from a modern day cynism and consumerism. The Christianity has a wonderful range of individual approaches and understanding of God - from some contemplative and mystic ways through emotional charismatic ones to highly intellectual levels. It is not only a fundamental Christians base - the Christian family is really wide and colourful. Atheism compared to that is a very shallow philosophy - if you want to study Atheism deeply than 5 years should be more than enough. But if you want to grasp the history of Christianity or other religions, one life is not enough. My family survived atheistic regime. Some of my family members experienced healings from serious illnesses (and they believed it was God's answer) - of course that's not THE proof for anything just a very intimate personal experience. My great granddad, my grandparents, my parents - they were my greatest signposts to God probably (despite of all their human frailties and imperfections) But I also believe because it seems naturally compatible with the science discoveries (though Science can never prove or disprove God). I believe because the faith gives me an inspiration I need as an artist. It is one big celebration of creativity and gratefulness for life. But I also believe because God will always present a MYSTERY to our limited brains, the faith will always be paradoxical. And the faith is probably really a GIFT. religions can die out, but faith can only be fulfiled one day.
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Walt Walt
Some religions criticize christianity and make no mention of sin or disobedience. We live and die and do our dead works without much regard for anyone or anything. Then we complain of the creator and all of the bad things going on. Really if we would personally make a commitment to pray and draw nigh to God he would draw nigh to us and love us. Jesus is God's answer so he suffered . Christ Jesus suffered and we want to be like Him. I am bored and alone with not much opportunity to advance but here I sit and think of Christ Jesus and may be I can get on my knees and pray to Him and this might be the most fulfilling vocation in all of the world. I am afraid of murderers but in Jesus time there was King Herod. The Bible says do not be like Cain. Really we are intelligent beings that have big choices to make to receive Jesus. Maybe if you had a lot less than you have now you would turn to God our Father. The biggest challenge in the world is to overcome yourself and walk with God.
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Rudyard Rudyard
I believe in Jesus, but not in God. (I know it seems weird, but I believe Jesus did walk this earth, I just don't believe he was the son of God.) But when you read about Jesus' life, you don't hear about when he was younger, when he was a child/teenager. Which seems strange. - He was born, then he go crucified. And if God was real, why is there so much cruelty in this world? Yes it's a persons choice to harm another, but why doesn't God stop him! All this about life being a test.. if it is, then I've wasted my life. It says that if you commit a sin, you go to hell. So basically we're all going to hell right? I also don't see the point of Christians following the bible? For One, Jesus was a Jew, (yet Christians ''follow'' him.) And two; the bible was made by Man. Not God. It didn't get sent in a email from Heaven.
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Morty Morty
Yes, God knows that Atheists do not believe in him. Christian also know that Atheists do not believe in God.
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Kelley Kelley
First of all as a Christian, let me apologize for someone else who said they were a Christian might not have acted as one. You have to understand, just because someone says they are a Christian, doesn't mean that that person isn't still a human being, and is perfect. The only perfect human being I know of is Jesus himself, because God made him that way. Unlike us, Jesus did not have his own will, he had the will of "the father"(God). We are created with our own free will, and this is why this earth has many terrible things happen, because God let's us do what ever we want. The devil (saten, dark angel, lucifer) knows this, so he and his angels are constantly trying get us make bad decisions by not following Gods will. As for heaven and hell, these are medaforic (use something to explain something else). Many Christians and none believers don't know that we are all going to hell, what??! you ask, let me explain. Hell basically is death, the grave, or cremation... that's it! Heaven isn't a place, it's raising from the dead by being resurrected (reincarnated as yourself, and not as someone or something else). The place that the resurrected go to is called Paradise (the recreated Earth after it's destroyed by man with atomic weapons, etc). The ones who don't except Jesus Christ as their savior will just stay dead, and not enjoy Paradise with God forever. Why do I need to except Jesus Christ as my savior, and from what you ask? This planet (including us) is cursed by God because of one mans sin (Adam), and that's why all these bad things happen. He told Adam (the first man) to eat of any tree in the old Paradise (that was in the middle east somewhere) except one tree called "the tree of knowledge of good and evil". God promised him, if he ate of that tree, that he, and his decendents (us) would surely die, and when Adam ate of that tree he kept his promise, and that's why we die to this day. There is a way out, which is to acknowledge that Jesus was created by God to take your place. Close your eyes, and pray (talk) to God, and say, "I know I'm a sinner God, it's not my fault but I was born with it because of the curse you put on Adam. I acknowledge that you created Jesus to be perfect, and die for me therefore making me blameless, and without sin in your eyes. Dear God I accept the sacrifice that Jesus suffered, and fill me with your holy spirit. Amen". If you do that, God will soon become wonderful, and real to you beyond your comprehension. Now get a Holy Bible and start in the Book of Matthew. God bless you.
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Herman Herman
We can debate points all you like (you make a number of significant errors in your post that I would be more than happy to explain if you like), but I think it is best to go right to the heart of the matter; was Jesus who he said he was? He have very solid evidence, moreso than almost any other event in antiquity, that Jesus rose from the dead. Not only do we have eye witness accounts, but we also have the writings and arguments from non-Christian sources, including those opposed to Christianity. All attest to this resurrection. Therefore, it is a historical fact that Jesus rose from the dead. Because he rose from the dead, we can know that what he said is true; that the Scriptures are true and that we can have eternal life in him. Now, that is not to say we humans in general and Christians in particular get it right. Even those of us who try to follow Jesus teachings mess it up alot. But that is the whole point of Jesus ministry; we can rely on our own obedience of the law, or we can accept the gift of his obedience of the law on our behalf. That is the basis of Christianity.
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Ellgar Ellgar
I too am an atheist. But I can give you some reasons why people believe in God. Partly due to pure vanity. "And God made man in his image" (paraphrase), gives man a feeling that he is special. Same with "And you are my chosen people", except that is also an excuse to go out and kill others. Basically, religion is a tool used by unscrupulous leader to control his followers and to excuse his actions.
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Ellgar Originally Answered: Has an Atheist ever converted a Christian?
There was a fox . One day it came to a vineyard where bunches of grapes were hanging. The fox saw the bunches hanging in an upper or an elevated level. The fox tried . It jumped ,jumped and jumped. The hungry fox could not reach the bunch of fruit . Again it tried ......again failure. At last the fox declared that the fruit called grapes bears just sore taste only . Wherever the fox went ,it told that the fruit called grapes bears sore taste only. It made many other foxes also believe it and made them all hate the grapes and look down upon it. Faith is the strength with which man can make an effort to see and God Athiests don't have that strength ( Faith ). Consequently they fail in their attempt to see God and then start declaring" there is no God ". In a way he is true . because he can not ackowledge what he has never seen. He is spiritually blind to see God. Of course ,we feel and know what Love is. We can not deny the existence of Love just because it is not tangible or visible. There are still people who can never understand even small logics. As ,mentioned above the disappointed gruop of people automatically enter in to the disbelief of God and call themselves athiests. Of course ther are number of athiests all over the world . They have been put together, like this only. The Counterfaith is their gospel and scriptuer disappointments , agitations, irritations , jealousy, blindness, foolishness, selfishness, pride , arrogancy,. faithlessness, ungratefulness, adamancy, cruelty, lie , jealousy, negligence, hatred towards Truth , bitterness, grudge , ungodliness. immorality , immoral sex, humiliation, discrimination, vengence , Violence , so on , and so on are there gospels. These are the unwritten gospel books with which they propegate their athiestic principles. People who are wexed with their lives and souls find the athiestic principle to be good and convenient for them. A sheep likes grass the most . Do know what a pig really likes the most..?.Yea,human waste. If you speak about the taste of Chocolate ,the pig won't listen to you .On the otherhand it will try to hurt you and kill you. Taste differs. One prefers to live in a house lit with light . The other wants to live in the darkness of the worn- out and remote cemitaries . One is wise ,the other is mad. The Bible warns us not to spread pearls before the swines. Many athiests have been converted to Christianity . But no Christian is coverted to athiesm . If at all some Christians became athiests ,not because of the athiestic scriptures supplied by them. But because of wexations like that of the fox. Ofcours they write some this here and there and do publish also.They are just rustling leaves. Thank you dear for your burden for the Truth . God Bless you. brother.sundar r / June 19,2007, 5:15 A.M / **************************************... .

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