Salem Witch Trial Diary Entry?

Salem Witch Trial Diary Entry? Topic: How to write an diary entry
July 16, 2019 / By Devan
Question: Write a diary entry as a person on trial or a person being accused. So you can be the "witch" or a person accusing someone of being a "witch". and write a diary entry of your experience with the trial.
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Candi Candi | 6 days ago
if you ARE the accused, say how you feel untrusted and betrayed and relate to God. if you are ACCUSING say how strongly you believe the accused are witches and act paranoid.
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***********I AM NOT TRYING TO START A FIGHT********************** (Dont let personal feelings get in the way of this reading) Well, in general, this is back when "Superstition" didn't exist and "Religious Fact" did. Two girls (Betty Parris & Abigail Williams, daughter and niece of Reverend Samuel Parris) started "acting out" of the norm one day and to this day, nobody knows why. They had a house maid from the West Indies that known a little about the different "arts", but claimed to never have or wanted to harm the children. So putting two and two together, thats how the whole scare came to be. Next, when ever some one found something fishy about another person, they would say "They're a witch!" and they they would have a one sided court case and the decided what would happen. They would be sent to death by performing (or not performing) certain thing: -People where tied up and put into lakes; If they where a witch, they would float back up -People where burned at the stake; If you where a witch, you would survive Thats the story you hear in school. It is also pointed out that this may have been actually a plot to control Salem...The parents I mean. The children had added two other names to there list: Sarah Osborn and Sarah Good. Good was a beggar that nobody liked and Osborn was wealthy and had not been to church in over a year. This is what started the ball rolling, and it got so out of control that they had to just call it quits. The one thing that people think about is, why only Salem? Out of all cities in the "New Land" who have people from all over, why only Salem? Plus, during slave times, with a larger diversity of people, why only Salem? Also, with it being 2011, people still do and do not believe in Witches, so I ask again, Why was Salem the only city in the US that that happened to? Some of the things that are pointed out for the girls acting this way (who where about 7 and 11) where social tension, family feuds, or maybe the Devil. (That makes no sense since witches do not believe in the devil) You ask me, I blame it on adolescents
This Site Might Help You. RE: TWO EASY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SALEM WITCH TRIAL!!? 10 POINTS TO THE BEST ANSWER!!!!! What caused the witchcraft scare in the late seventeenth century? To what extent did this scare seem to be triggered by views of gender and religious ideas? Please dont be mean this is not for homework or a test. I just am writting a paper about this and...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salem_witch_trials http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/salem/SALEM.HTM

Amanda Amanda
Go to this website it has enough information to do a diary entry of an accuser "witch" or their accuser in Salem. http://www.coryfamsoc.com/resources/articles/witch.htm
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Amanda Originally Answered: Given the prevalence of the Salem Witch Trials throughout the colonies, how is the importance of the Salem Witch Trials overblown inHistory?
A good book to help you with your research on this is Richard Godbeer's "Escaping Salem: the Other Witch Trial of 1692." It deals with a trial that was far more typical of Puritan New England - two or three people were accused, not hundreds, only one was convicted, and enough doubts were raised that her execution was suspended and it wound up with no one actually dying. Very good perspective. An older book, Boyer and Nissenbaum's Salem Possessed, does a fantastic job of tracing the very particular problems that Salem Village had, long before and long after the witch trials, that explain why that one town had such a catastrophic episode that did NOT happen all over colonial New England. Salem's significance is overblown because it's grist to the mill of the running struggle over the role of religion in American public life. Most Americans today don't know about the trial from reading trial documents, but from Arthur Miller's play the Crucible, which is really about 1950s McCarthyism dressed up in Puritan clothes.
Amanda Originally Answered: Given the prevalence of the Salem Witch Trials throughout the colonies, how is the importance of the Salem Witch Trials overblown inHistory?
Your question does not make sense since the Salem witch trials were in Salem and not throughout the colonies. You need to correct that. If you mean were they pervasive throughout the colonies the answer is no, but they did take place sometimes. For example.about two dozen such trials took place in Virginia between 1626 and 1730. They ranged from civil defamation suits to criminal accusations. The most famous of these was the trial of Grace Sherwood of Princess Anne County, in which the judges determined her guilt by administering a water test. Records indicate that the last witchcraft trial in the mainland colonies took place in Virginia in 1730; five years later, Parliament repealed the Witchcraft Act of 1604, the statute under which British American colonists prosecuted accused witches. = the reason the Salem ones are studied so much is because they started on the word of children who were inspired by stories a Caribbean woman told them. They led to many deaths and eventually outstanding citizens were accused. In the end the accusations were so our=t of control that the leaders just stopped them.

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