Norwegian or Swedish?

Norwegian or Swedish? Topic: Listening speaking reading and writing skills of english language
July 15, 2019 / By Destiny
Question: I can speak three Romance languages fluently and one Germanic language (English), and I can have a decent conversation in Mandarin Chinese. I have recently begun to study German and am really enjoying studying Germanic philology, which led me to consider Norwegian and Swedish. I have looked over a bit of Norwegian and Swedish and I know they're very similar to each other, so which one would I be able to learn more quickly and/or with more ease? Norwegian or Swedish? I've tried Dutch before, but I didn't really like it too much. I would like to master reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
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Candace Candace | 5 days ago
I personally would vote for Norwegian. As a linguist, you will enjoy many aspects of the language(s) -- it has a very rich dialect tradition (leading to the acceptance on equal footing of bokmål (Dano-Norwegian) and nynorsk (new Norwegian). Ivar Aasen, the 'creator' of nynorsk used many concepts of reconstruction, similar to Grimm and Bopp, to figure out what Norwegian might have looked like / sounded like without 400 years of Danish (booo!) rule. My Ph.D. is in Germanic philology, from the U of Minnesota. Another reason I suggest Norwegian is that it is sort of 1/2 way between Swedish and Danish. Norwegian has more 'pure' Scandinavian words, while Swedish (as a former great power) has borrowed liberally from French and German. A usual question is --- do you want to learn all 4 skills in whichever language? Or is it primarily reading. If reading is your main interest, please contact me, as I've taught Norwegian for reading knowledge classes, both in person, and on-line. Håper dette hjelper! Louis http://NorwegianLanguage.info http://NorwegianLanguage.info
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Amaliya Amaliya
usually, i think of this is secure to assert that Norwegians discover Swedish much less perplexing to understand than Danish whilst talking. collectively as most of the words are the comparable (Norwegian better from Danish right into a seperate language), Danes have an accessory that we are no longer used to. Written Danish even with the indisputable fact it is extremely resembling Norwegian, much extra so than Swedish - even with the undeniable fact that the two languages are completely comprehensible for many Norwegians in written type.
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Walker Walker
I would go with Swedish. It is more widely spoken. Also, there are 2 types of Norwegian: Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk.So why complicate your life? Swedish is also lovelier. It has a nice music to it. Lycka till!
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Rube Rube
I know this may sound stupid but have you considered ''Dutch''? It's very similar to both English and German (but is easier than German since there is NO declension ). I can see you take language learning as a Challenge and I think you'll find the Dutch diphthongs quite challenging!
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