Cortisone injections.vs cortisone "rub" via ultrasound.?

Cortisone injections.vs cortisone "rub" via ultrasound.? Topic: Enthesis structure
July 15, 2019 / By Destinee
Question: I went for a surgical consult on the 6th of this month and thought that i was finally(7 months later) going to be scheduled for surgery on my left knee...(5 previous months of PT, and 3 cortisone injections... did very little to help with the continuous pain and osscational swelling), instead the surgeon said that he wanted to try yet another month of PT with liquid cortisone and ultrasound to "see if that helps"... he said that sometimes the cortisone works better if administered via ultrasound rather then injection...and that he didnt think that 2 MRI would have missed a tear to my meniscus or any other structure(inital injury was minor tear of MCL) and that there was nothing surgically to be done to the MCL, he also said that i should NOT still be experiencing pain over the MCL after 7 months my question is Does crotisone really work "better" if done via ultrasound? Will it still have the same negative effects as the injections?
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Camryn Camryn | 4 days ago
I suppose it depends on where they are trying to get the cortisone too? I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so am used to having joints injected, but my understanding the cortisone stays within the joint capsule and is eventually absorbed. Ligaments, would be more enthesis, at the end of the bone, so outside the capsule. Therefore the ultrasound would be better as it is absorbed through the skin, so more of a direct route. Best of Luck
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