Do you hate the common excuse Christians give?

Do you hate the common excuse Christians give? Topic: It ethics case studies
July 20, 2019 / By Derryl
Question: "We love the sinner, but hate the sin?" This is like saying, "well i love the color of that car, but i hate all cars" its stupid.
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Best Answers: Do you hate the common excuse Christians give?

Camellia Camellia | 8 days ago
No, it's like saying "I love the car but I hate the color." In that case, we can keep the car and re-paint it. Just like we can keep the sinner but discourage the sin. No, the part I hate about it is that Christians think they get to define my ethics for me, and that my own finely-studied opinions of right and wrong are inferior to what they derive from self-contradictory injunctions written down by a bunch of iron age scribes.
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Camellia Originally Answered: Christians, so this is your EXCUSE?
Christianity has always been under attack - 2000 years back followers of Jesus were tortured and killed. It still happens in certain countries... at least most Christians are not murdered today! We always need good explanations for why do we believe in Jesus. Isn't it surprising, even after all the good work most Christians do (hospitals, schools/colleges, orphanages, provide care to the unloved/rejected, etc. in many places) because of their faith in Jesus Christ, we still have to answer and justify why we believe in Jesus and accept the Bible as God's word. Hmmm... why don't you have the guts to ask a similar question regarding Islam in a muslim country? Yes read the Bible literally. Who is stopping you? Perhaps you may come to a faith in Jesus Christ when you find that whatever you try, you will be unable to even obey the 10 commandments for a short period, and realize how pathetic and small you are, with plenty of sin that only Jesus can redeem you from! For us, the Bible is the living word of God, it applies to our lives daily as we use it to build upon and live a life in a relationship with God. Novels are usually defined as a work of fiction. The Bible is NOT a novel; I wonder how clear it is to you? Why are you so concerned about Christians winning or not winning? Surely we don't go about harming your kind? Or is it God you hate?? Hope the one you reject gives you wisdom to understand His word, Andrew

Alyson Alyson
Have you ever met anyone that you liked but didn't like the way he/she did a certain thing. None of us are perfect. There are flaws in all of us.. Then why is it so hard for you to understand how one can love the sinner (person) but hate the sin. It's the same thing. You can love a person but hate the way he eats, or any number of things.
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Vin Vin
I don't really agree with that statement. We are all sinners and it seems like that saying is saying that the person saying it isn't a sinner. It should be God talking. God loves the sinner but hates the sin.
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Rowley Rowley
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"; "Love thy neighbor"; "Turn the other cheek"; any of these sound familiar? Even before I became a Christian, these were all important words to live by. Why is it stupid to love someone, but not like what they do? I love my husband, but don't like that he's not a Christian... I love my children, but don't like when they do not listen to me... Ever hear of unconditional love? That is what ALL people should have toward one another, not just Christians. The problem is that as soon as a Christian does something wrong or steps out of the perceived zone of perfection that non-Christians have of us, you all automatically claim that we're hypocrites and that there can't be a God. We're all human, we all sin. Accept it already and be thankful or even happy that we love "sinners" unconditionally and hate the sin.
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Mordechai Mordechai
Yes we are as Christ,,we love the sinner but hate the sin people can not go to Heaven with sin on them
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Keefe Keefe
i do hate it. think about this, a person is defined by what he/she does most of the time. now if somebody sins most of the time, he/she is a sinner. it's that simple. if the sin along w/ other actions do not make up the person, then what does. that's what Christians are missing. they speak as if the body and actions are separate. "i love you, but i hate what you've become." that's just stupid, because what you've become is now the new you, w/out it, you're merely inanimate.
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Hebron Hebron
No, actually the hate the common excuses that atheists give "thinking they are superior" " they are not making a claim" " Confusing religion with God" etc etc etc etc etc etc " hardly ever answering a question without insulting" etc etc etc. Just spending hours every day talking about something they claim doesn't exist.
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As most people, there is NO national Health Care Plan for low income families. Simply say you have no MD not due to not having any medical coverage or insurance; no doctor and no note because of no insurance health care plan.

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