Need help with poem before going to shrink tomorrow?

Need help with poem before going to shrink tomorrow? Topic: How to write a sense of time poem
July 22, 2019 / By Demi
Question: okay so im not good with talking to people so my shrink asked me to write a poem of how i see life i dont know if it makes sense and dont want to look stupid, any feed back cool The beast It comes from within its like a sadicism reality a detach from emotion with a cruel way of seeing a sinister pleasure to the dark side of life Ive tried to contain it the more i fight, to resist it, the darker it goes its the knowlege of the other that feeds the beast to know what is of love and the nature of good is to see the darkness in which we come from all we can be is a mere bubble in the ocean of time Knowelge feeds this beast To commit a union of approval The feeling of seperation, detachment and the sience begins to intruige the mind Exam the rawness of life, a body which is dead hold no value of life therefor has no soul, Understanding this body were in and this universe of his way His choice of normality and our feeble way of understanding Still imature till death no more mature than birth Then how can you resist the darkness how can anyone judge what could be right what could be wrong
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Calanthe Calanthe | 10 days ago
Your writing is complex and shows a lot of depth. Certainly will not come across stupid. With a little work this could be really good. Good luck with the shrink. We've all been there.
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Calanthe Originally Answered: Help with Quatrain poem please please please help due tomorrow?
honey, write your own quatrain, the clock is ticking.... tic tic tic I would not encourage you to take someone elses work to pass off as your own, anyone who would give you a poem to use in this way is selling you short. They are as guilty as you when it comes to cheating. You have the groundrules, go to rhyme zone and line up the end words and write up to them if that helps.. Good luck !

Alvina Alvina
This is an exercise your doctor is having you do, Whatever you write will be great- The point of the exercise is that he or she will ask you to explain what different things mean, and then ask you to relate it to your life. Thus they will be happy with anything.
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Vergil Vergil
There's no way you will look stupid. You have done what was asked of you, so relax until your appointment and see what comes next.
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Ronnie Ronnie
UUmmm..basicaly i dont understand it i guyess im not that "deep " lol jk but you wrote it and if u understand this then thats just fine!! PS: you need jesus!
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Ronnie Originally Answered: Help me write a poem for tomorrow?
so far i think it is very good, but i am a big fan of rhyming so heres my idea, but yours is very good : If Only i could go back in time and change everything that didnt turn out right turn the sadness into happiness and the darkness into light If Only i could see all the things that are in store for me be reassured that things will be great for myself and my family If Only things in life were just right, hurt and sadness would go away everyone would be happy, and wear a smile all day If Only war and hate would stop and people get a long Join together and be as one and sing a merry song If Only things in life were great and happiness meant to be I hope and prayer the world be great.............If Only Hope i helped a bit, good luck, let me know the finished poem and whay your teacher says ok? put it as an edit on here xxx

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