Can I get in to a good college with this problem.?

Can I get in to a good college with this problem.? Topic: a good conclusion
July 22, 2019 / By Delta
Question: Currently I am a sophomore,10th grade, at a private school. My GPA is around a 3.3 for the whole year. I have my strong points where i get over 100% in the classes, but then i have my weak points, such as, well, math. I always did awesome in math until my 9th grade year when i had a horriable teacher so i was moved to basic and got over 100% in that class, but once u are put into basic math classes, you cant get out, so will this effect how colleges look at me? I am also not allowed to take Honors sciences due to me being in basic maths as well. I asked if i could take Honors Chem because Im good at Chem, but they said no bc of my basic math classes im taking.It sucks, and its really worrying me that i wont get into a good college...any help on this situation?
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Caitlyn Caitlyn | 8 days ago
To tell the truth, it might go against you for SOME colleges, but not for most (also depends on the program, etc.) . I'll tell you something: some colleges I'm looking at require pre-calculus to apply. I'm a senior next year and will never take pre-calculus because I was put in geometry in 10th grade, so now I'm a year behind. I've talked to some college representatives about this, and they said that was a bit of a problem, but if I want to go into an Arts or Humanities program, it'll be fine. But honestly, just continue to get good grades in those basic math and chem classes and colleges will know you are working hard. If your school doesn't allow you to take honors chem (if you truly are prepared for it), then that's their loss and there is nothing you can do. In conclusion, be the best you can be in your current situation. Trust me you'll get into a good college, just try to get your GPA up a little bit if you can! :)
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Alva Alva
It may affect the decisions of some colleges it really depends on the type of college your going to and what you want to do while you are there. If they wont let you take the honors courses there you could also try going to a community college to take more advanced courses. Most high schools will let you have an abbreviated schedule where you leave at lunch or something to go to a community college to take courses. Or you could take them over the summer if you dont want to take out a few classes but any way even though you may not have the honors courses on your transcript you will have college credits on your transcript thus proving to the college that you can handle college classes. And if your school won't let you take AP classes next year you could take Chem 101 at the community college and as long as you pass you will get the credit WITHOUT taking the pesky AP tests that everyone loves to hate. But I would DEF try to go to the councilor or the principle or whoever your have to go to to get your schedule for next year changed and sit down with them and your parents and discuss what the plan is going to be for the next two years because you dont seem to be challenged in your current math class and it is holding you back from excelling as a student
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Vance Vance
I suggest you to see http://tiny.cc/nwjcl it helped me for same after i browsed answers.yahoo.com for hours. I am sure it will help you too. Best of luck.
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