If people assume that daycare is raising a young child?

If people assume that daycare is raising a young child? Topic: Homework for young children
July 16, 2019 / By Delphina
Question: than in some sense wouldn't their whole school life be that way? Even as they get older someone else is still watching out for their well being and making sure they are getting educated while parents are at work or home with younger children.
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Caileigh Caileigh | 6 days ago
I agree. Does any adult currently spending time with my child become a "parent-figure" instead of simply a "caregiver"? My kids (even the young ones, in their "formative years" -- gasp!) spend alone time with: their friends' parents, aunts & uncles & grandparents, sports coaches, babysitters, and yes, their daycare providers. These people _take care of them_ for a period of time, but these people do not rub my kids' backs while they're hunched over the toilet at 2 am with the flu, they've never put on a glove and physically pulled a turd out of a constipated, crying kid's butt, they sure as heck weren't the ones walking my wailing newborns around the house singing Old MacDonald for the 12 thousandth time, and they're not there to give them their 'super-duper-tuck-in' every night at bedtime, or to coach them thru their math homework every night, or to kiss their scrape when they fall off their bike, or... ^^^ That's parenting, to me. That's _raising_ a child. Any schlub can feed and watch a kid; it takes real strength to be a parent. They are by no stretch of the imagination the same thing, no matter how many hours a day the schlub is in charge. And kids know that. Do not mistake 'quantity' of time spent with one's children for 'quality' of time spent with one's children.
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Caileigh Originally Answered: Incident at my child's daycare?
I completely agree with you if this was an art project in my sons daycare I would be very upset and definitely wouldn't want my son to participate. They should have number 1 told you what the art project was when they asked for permission. As for what you should do, I would first have a talk with your daycare's director or whoever is in charge and tell them how you feel. If they don't at least address the issue I would take my son out of the daycare, but I know that can be very difficult to do, let alone find another daycare on short notice.

Almira Almira
Personally I don't think that about daycare but if I were to guess why other people say that I would guess that they feel the younger years are the most important where a child is developing personality and habits etc...The first 3 years are supposed to be the most crucial in development and many people feel that children those ages should be with their parents while by the time a child is 5 and starts school they are older and have developed their personalities and behavior and habits etc... edit: I also think most people who say this are talking about kids who are in daycare for 12 hours a day, and unfortunately some are. I have no problem with daycare (I am a childcare provider) but I do think there is a such thing as too many hours in daycare. A young child or baby getting dropped off at 6:00am and picked up at 6:00pm and going to bed at 8:00pm 5 days a week is not the best thing in my opinion but I understand some people don't have much choice.
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Valentine Valentine
In a sense, yes. However daycare is optional (except in those rare circumstances where both parents must work to provide the basic necessities. A new car, or a nice vacation is not a necessity), and school/education is mandated by law. I have home-schooled before, and notice that my children behave better when not around the mouthy kids at school. Having my child be around other kids drinking liquor at school, and dealing drugs at the bus stop is not necessary for them to be educated. The question then becomes what kind of education are they receiving at school. Daycare is being used as a substitute for care received at home. Like it or not, children are little sponges. They pick up bad habits when they are awake. If 9 hrs a day are spent in a daycare, they are absorbing what the proper way to behave is, and the "rules" of life from strangers and not family. Even the most dedicated teacher is performing a job at a daycare, and is not acting through their heart that a mom or dad should be at home. Sometimes when a child acts up, it is because they need attention from parents. Timeout doesn't accomplish this. A good hug from mom or dad and a story read to them does. If a child was outside on a sidewalk and a car was racing toward them, I dare say 99.9% of parents would run toward danger and prefer to get hit themselves, then see their child get hit. That is normal behavior. If the child was at daycare, not all of the caregivers would do that. If they did, they would be called a hero. The standard of care is different.
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Roly Roly
My guess would be that it is because if a child is spending 8-10 waking hours a day in daycare, and maybe 4-5 waking hours with his parents (some of which is simply getting ready for daycare), daycare has more influence. School, on the other hand, is usually only six hours a day or so (less for young children).
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Mitch Mitch
Yes. "People" think that parenting occurs between the hours of 8am and 4pm. These same "people" must turn their "kid senses" off at 4pm.... EDIT - I really couldn't give a rats *** what anyone else thinks about daycare (or breastfeeding, or cosleeping, or anything else for that matter). I have made my choice and that is what works for me. I know in my own heart that my kids know who their mommy is, and that is all that matters to me. And I know that I am raising my children.
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Mitch Originally Answered: I need books on child abuse in daycare/childcare centers?
The book, The Day Care Decision, by the Dreskins, documents how terrible day care, even good day care, is for kids. Since in the USA, there is so much pressure to put kids in day care, and because the media is filled with working moms, you are not going to find many books on the subject, because big media wishes to pretend day care is fine. Also, big media is part of corporate america, which has been pushing 'faux feminism' - the idea that your kids tie you down instead of need you - because they want as many people in the work force as possible to keep wages low. The whole scare about sexual abuse in day care was largely a figment of the public's imagination, propelled by really bad counselors. I believe the parents feel so guilty about the real damage they do to their kids by placing them in day care, that they had hysterical fantasies that someone else was abusing them. Lots of innocent people went to jail. You may have to write this book, but here's what i found searching amazon.

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