Is this the tracking number (pic included)?

Is this the tracking number (pic included)? Topic: Reference letter formats
May 26, 2019 / By Delma
Question: I recently sent some international mail via USPS express. IT's my first time doing so and I want to make sure it goes right. I assume the digits below the barcode in the upper left-hand corner is the tracking number. Am I right? Also, the format is : [letter][letter] [space] [9 numbers] [space] [letter][letter] is that how I'm supposed to enter it at USPS.com? Even with the spaces? Here's the pic for reference, thanks for any help in advance! http://img29.picoodle.com/img/img29/4/1/30/f_trackingcodm_92c1a2f.jpg
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Cacia Cacia | 1 day ago
The receipt I am looking at is a little different than yours. Mine has the tracking number in the upper right hand corner. Starts with E and ends with US. If there is a bar code on your receipt it will also be next to the bar code. Put it in without spaces. Hope this helps, e-mail if you have more questions (the guy above me is wrong)
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