I feel like college accepted me by mistake?

I feel like college accepted me by mistake? Topic: Personal finance class essays
July 22, 2019 / By Del
Question: I was a member of the "select few" who got early acceptance letters to Appalachian State University but the more I think about it and look at the other admitted students I think it was a clerical error or something that I got in. I mean I have a 3.6 unweighted 3.9 weighted GPA only 11th in a class of 93. I'm barely involved in extracurriculars, I'm a non-office holding member of NHS and Beta club and have thus been involved in 2 food drives and a 2 day "internship" at my grandma's office to meet the community service requirements. I did found and serve as co-president of the Gay Straight Alliance in sophomore year but I quit that (I'm ashamed to say it was all based off of a weird bisexual phase I thought I was going through at the time). I also worked a summer job at McDonald's last summer. I'll admit I did stellar on the ACT (I got a 29). But my personal statement was kind of crap. I wrote about my religious conversion to Islam last year, I was really passionate but it came off as disorganized to me and was more about Islam itself than me. I also just noticed that in my passion and haste to finish it I made spelling mistakes and left out whole words. (I had no one I trusted enough to proofread my Islam essay in my teeny tiny North Carolina town). All in all I think I'm pretty a crappy candidate compared to other admits who had like 4.2 GPA's and tons upon tons upon tons of extracurriculars. I really feel like my acceptance was a mistake or I was just let in because I'm Muslim and it's really depressing me. @Cheesecake; But that's the thing 'I'm not well rounded at all. I'm a good test taker and do just about nothing else important that a college might consider. @Link; AppState is need blind. They aren't allowed to look at my finances when considering my admission. @HarvardPerson; ohhhh yeah you're totally in XD
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Brooke Brooke | 1 day ago
Anytime we get something really good we immediately begin to think that we don't deserve it. I do this a lot. If you did not deserve to be chosen then you would not have been chosen. A lot of the college entrance is computer analyzed, true, but at the end a real person and a group of people sit down and look at you on paper and the humans decide who gets in and who does not. So what if it was based on your religion? Allah knows best. He put you there for a reason. If you down yourself until you decide not to go then what? You could be the key for good things to another person in your same situation there. You have to be stronger than the thing that is scaring you. Never think that you're not good enough. If you think it long enough you will start to believe it. You don't want to "go there". :) @ - .... Haaa ha ha ha! That's funny but don't write that. It goes back to the cat getting hit by a car because you ate chocolate cake thing.
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