What should I major in if I want to?

What should I major in if I want to? Topic: Planning a research project psychology
July 16, 2019 / By Deja
Question: start my own day care? I'm thinking Child Development and Business? Is there anything else necessary?? I was also thinking of getting a minor in both child psychology as well as nursing. How many years do you think this will take?
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Brook Brook | 10 days ago
Depending on the age you need a degree in early childhood education. You might want to check out your state's requirements for child care or talk to an adviser at school about your plans. Also because nursing is such an intense degree I don't believe you can minor in it. You can however get you Associates Degree in nursing. Two majors and two minors would take you a long time to graduate! Depending on your school each requires a certain amount of credits.At my school one major is 100 credits and depending on the requirements for each major another would equal up to about 50+ credits. A minor is usually 12 credits or more (really depending on the minor). So if you take all this into consideration and think that an average amount of credits per semester is 12-18, two majors and two minors would take a lot of time. Thats not even taking into account the possibility of internships for business or research projects. Anyway, hoped this helped! Good luck!
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Alisya Alisya
I think early childhood development or child psychology. You could major in one of these and have a minor in business.
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