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July 17, 2019 / By Deirdre
Question: Title: describe the scene at a primary school on a snowy morning as the children are arriving. Ideas please :)
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Bronte Bronte | 9 days ago
I see the children trudging through the unploughed snow, tripping over the drifts. The children are laughing and yelling to each other as they march to the entrance and line up. The teachers have to clap many times to get their attention. The children crowd through the doors and go to their spaces in their class room. There they remove their boots and gloves and jackets all the while talking about making snowmen and forts when they get home.
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Bronte Originally Answered: Descriptive Writing?
You can give the fire human qualities. Talk about how the fire 'dances', or how it 'licks' the wood.

Alissa Alissa
The white crystal like snow pieces fall gently, on the now completely white ground. Its barely 8a.m but the chilly weather, the chldren streaming in with heavy coloured jackets...................... its mo or less, saying how the thngs arund luk like, hope this helps.
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Alissa Originally Answered: Please please help me descriptive writing! x =[?
dont do love... thats boring and overused.. instead describe an animal nobody has ever seen, and make up everything!! like draw a picture of it with words.... etc. its super easy. use your imagination. don't let people help you out on this one- this writing should be fun!
Alissa Originally Answered: Please please help me descriptive writing! x =[?
Use lots of adjectives but make sure they fit. Beyond my door is the warm, soft, fuzzy, glowing, sweet, bright, unrelenting, magnificent, ect. hope that helped a little.

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