What are your views on Homework Help questions?

What are your views on Homework Help questions? Topic: Homework problems
July 16, 2019 / By Deeann
Question: I've just seen a question which has had a lot of stick thrown at it because it was obviously an attempt (which succeeded!) in getting help with a homework question - http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... However, I think those throwing the sticks are, perhaps, being a little unfair, in that there is a specific Homework Help subsection under 'Education and Reference'. Furthermore, many of the questions posted under 'Mathematics' are obviously homework which regularly get answered without a problem! My own view is that 'Help' is the keyword. There's not much point in giving a full answer to a maths question because the person asking the question will not learn anything from that! However, pointers in the right direction are probably ok, although no doubt some will disagree!!
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Brittny Brittny | 7 days ago
I don't agree with users who post purely to critise the asker for asking for help - these are non-answers and that is not what this site is about! I don't often answer questions in the Homework Help category, but when I do I prefer to give direct then do the homework for them. I try to be helpful, pointing out where they can find further information, or explaining things they do not understand. That is what my understanding of 'Homework Help' is. I found the discussion of homework 'cheating' in the Yahoo! Answers Suggestion Forum to be very interesting: http://suggestions.yahoo.com/detail/?prop=answers&fid=7950 Yahoo! Answers Employee Katie said "You could very easily just include some jumping off points for a problem and let them work through the rest" - this is what I like to do.
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Alisia Alisia
Makes one surprise how one can provide a well reply however instruct the procedure. I believe the probo is apparent. Teachers don't make the effort to give an explanation for why the pupils must recognize the unique method's to the disorders. What they must strain with math is there's a running equation for each and every main issue. Example: How so much air(in rectangular toes in line with minute) will have to be handed throughout a refrigerant coil, and what sort of refrigerant will have to go over identical coil while to take away sufficient warmness from an area to appropriately cool it? How many kilos in line with rectangular inch will have to the suction facet of the compressor have to ensure that R22 to make forty levels (ultimate) around the coil? The identical is going for some thing that works on this international. How many cubic toes in line with minute of air is produced by way of a four wing blade with a 33 measure pitch that's 18 inch's in diameter and revolving at 1150 rpm(rounds in line with minute)? See that is what is wanted on this international. Teachers that provide an explanation for why we want math in existence.
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Upton Upton
I know a lot of adults have problems with the kids getting homework help from here on Yahoo! or even on the Internet but think about it this way; if we would have had this when we were growing up, would you have used it because I know that I would've. So, what I'm basically saying is that if they don't get the information from their parents or from tutors, they'll turn to Yahoo! Answers or the Internet, in general. I also think that kids should pay more attention in class, pay attention to their teachers, and their parents. They also need to work on it themselves or they'll never learn because if they have people working on their problems for them, they'll never fully learn because they'll go to college with limited information. As you can see, I'm kind of torn but I'm very much for the parent's point of view.
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Robbie Robbie
Its been a while since I hit the books so I usually don't help but I was amazed yesterday when I actually answered a Chemistry question. All the ole brain cells arn't dead yet!
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Micah Micah
To me, homework help is like: "Could you show me how you derive the answer to this problem?" as it shows a confusion as to steps taken to achieve the proper answer. But when someone goes: " Fist is to glove as shoe is to.....", I know I'm doing the homework
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Joss Joss
I think that many people in that section (and also in languages) dont want help, they want us to do their entire homework and I think that's wrong.
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