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July 16, 2019 / By Dee
Question: we are just starting our registry and i am wondering what type of bottles you prefer? ALSO - there were reports a while back about unsafe plastics (i.e. nalgene water bottles) do i have to be careful for that as well? I know there have been studies that show plastic bottles release harmful chemicals into the liquids they hold when placed in dishwashers etc. any advice for me?
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Brittney Brittney | 6 days ago
Yes you need to be aware of the bottle issue for baby bottles. I went through this same thing. I am 39 weeks and had to return al Lot the bottles that i have bought because they have the BPA chemical in them. If you are worried about what ones to use, there are lists on-line about what bottles are BPA free. If you are regristering at Babies r us. they have a great selection of BPA free bottles. It hsould say BPA free on the bottle package. But in some cases it does not say it on the package. You should look on the obttom of the bottle in the recycling triangle and if there is a 7, 5, or the letters PC the bottles are NOT safe. I wuold def recomend dr browns bottles. They are perfectly PBA free plus they have filters in them that prevent Colic. Good luck.
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Brittney Originally Answered: How to introduce bottle to a three months old baby who rejects bottle?
Our baby (now 13 months) was awful at taking the bottle. Never really has actually...which wasn't a problem since I didn't go back to work until she was a year. But I still wanted to so that her Dad could help or I could go out for an evening once in a while! After trying from 5 weeks old until 3 months or so I gave up for a while. It always seemed like she was trying to "breastfeed" the bottle...she kept sticking her tongue against the rubber nipple and pushing it out of her mouth. This makes sense since they use their tongue to breastfeed...she couldn't make the switch to the different kind of sucking needed. I had had some success with the Playtex Ventaire bottle...it was the best I'd tried...and we tried many different nipples!! Then I eventually got her sipping pumped breastmilk out of an open regular cup (which I was of course holding) at around 4 months. I just tried it one day, and she sipped it! I was amazed. Then after that she was ok with a soft sippy cup spout...called a Nuby Soft Sipper. Its a bit like a silicone bottle nipple, but more of a spout and the cup has handles. She was able to chew on that spout which then dumped milk into her mouth. Thats how she first learned to get milk out...but she figured out how to suck on it soon after. A few tips that sort of helped for me. Try making the breastmilk or formula in the bottle cold...it kind of disassociates it with breastfeeding and makes it seem like something different all together. Try asking a friend who is an experienced bottle feeder to try...or having Dad try. Often you will need to be out of the house for baby to accept an alternative to your breasts. Believe it or not she can smell you and your milk! But don't force her or "starve" her into submission...this is likely to backfire. So if she doesn't drink feel free to nurse her and try again with the next feeding. But do make sure she is relatively hungry when she is offered the bottle. And try the Nuby soft sipper cup. Its nipple looks like a spout with two little slits in it that open up when baby sucks or bites. The one I had came with a bottle nipple and a sipper spout both. I only ever used the spouts. Also please don't listen to that other post about putting fruit puree solids in the bottle! This is a terrible idea...its a choking hazard. And in any case I'm sure you know it is recommended to wait for any solids until close to 6 months old...but no earlier than 4 months.

Alishia Alishia
Here in Canada, all baby bottles that contained BPA were taken off the shelf and new ones are now coming out and they are all marked BPA Free on them (as well as sippy cups, bowls, spoons, etc...) The only ones that were safe to begin with were Playtex Drop Ins, which I really recommend as they are easy to clean, very inexpensive and they reduce gas drastically because they collapse to let the air out. There are also glass bottles but they become a hazard once baby starts holding his own bottle. BPA is a chemical that is released with the plastic is subjected to heat (as in washing). It is found in over 90% of people tested at can lead to obesity and breast cancer.
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Unni Unni
With my first daughter I swore by Avent. However with my second daughter, Avent became a pain in the rear end to say the least. They were very sensitive to how tight you put the lid on, if it was not tight enough it would leak. To tight the seal on the nipple would bend and the contents would dump everywhere. My second daughter used the Playtex Drop Ins the most. However I HATED and I mean HATED the nipples. I never bought one nipple that did not leak for over a year of using them. So keeping the air out of the bottle was impossible. I would spent soooo much money trying to get a nipple that wouldn't leak so I gave up. Now we use Nuby bottles... VariFlow nipples. The nipples are exactly what they are called. The baby/toddler decides how much milk/forumula/water comes out by how much they suck on the nipple. I love these however I have to buy a new pack of nipples (6 in a pack) every two weeks because they wear out fast.
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Rob Rob
We like the Dr Browns. They do not contain BPA but also come in glass. As for the unsafe plastics... this is a sore spot for me. Instead of scaring everyone by saying that baby bottles are unsafe people should be taught how to use them safely. They are unsafe if you put hot liquids in them. they are perfectly safe to clean in the dishwasher as they are cooled when you use them. Don't heat formula in them and you'll be fine. If anyone is feeding their child formula that is that hot then something is wrong. congrats on your baby:)
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Metushael Metushael
Our lactation consultant told us that the only bottles that are proven through independent studies to reduce gas and spit-up are Playtex Ventaire and Dr. Browns. We started off with the playtex because they were less expensive. Drew started to spit-up A LOT, so I bought some Dr. Browns. THe spitting-up stopped as soon as we switched the bottles. Our son is now 4 months old and I love the Dr. Browns....they are a pain to wash, but it stopped the spitting-up...Hope this helps and good luck with the baby :0)
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