Can anybody write a small rap?

Can anybody write a small rap? Topic: Help writing a rap verse
July 22, 2019 / By Debs
Question: Can anyone make a small rap with my name kim/kimberley in it. My friend thinks he can rap better which he can, thats why i need help. Thanks so much if you help out :)
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Brittania Brittania | 4 days ago
The names Kimberly, all you clowns fearing me 'cus I'll murder ya lyrically. Kimmy done done it again. Finest chick who always considered a 10. Multisyllabic madness, so drastic, yet so fantastic. Now back off with that whack sh*t. I'm not really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Kimmy had the best lyrics of all time. Battling swine, time after time. Always gets mine and clearly sublime. You get a buzz when I drop a verse, similar to hookers inhalin' coke lines. Yet again, verbally struck, now ya stuck with no rhymes. Choking on your breathe, and you got me running amuck. Did you get an odd feeling in ya gut. It's fear, now the pressure's here. Here's a lesson, dear. I'll try to be sincere... it'll be real fast. Rhyming just ain't for you, take a poetry class, the phonebook is right over there, now go on with yo lame azz! WORD LIFE!!! -.- .... ;)
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Alise Alise
My name is kim and im hear to win you mess with me i'll rip off all your limbs defeating me is a super sin so wipe away your grin i hit you with lyrics like your getting smacked think you can rap but your style is so whack what the f*ck you doing have you been smoking crack jump off stage then ill break you back now people see who is the true mc screaming my name kimberly =]
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