Does this cell phone video of a Houston Special Needs teacher beating up a kid show cell phones in schools.?

Does this cell phone video of a Houston Special Needs teacher beating up a kid show cell phones in schools.? Topic: True criminal case stories
July 16, 2019 / By Debra
Question: might not be such a bad idea? I'm a Houstonian, and my mom saw this on the local news two days ago and told me about it: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/houston-teacher-sherri-davis-apologized-videotaped-beating-student/story?id=10649665 Personally, I hope that lady spends some time in prison, too. Assault charges are certainly justified! But I couldn't help but think that the outrage may never have come about if some kid hadn't videotaped it with his cell phone. Do you think in cases like this, a cell phone is a good way to catch abusers in the act?
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Brittani Brittani | 3 days ago
I personally think that schools wish to avoid cell phones because of the visual and audio recording capacity. Now, they claim it to be a distraction and a disruption....but come on....if all phones are off, there is not to much to disrupt...this is about control. Schools really do not wish kids to be able to record some of their naughty secrets, such as abusive personnel. This lady is obviously very physically abusive, however there are personnel that bully kids physically and emotionally too. Some demean, provoke, threaten, berate, humiliate, cajole, and antagonize students beyond belief. And no one talks about it. It is like the BIG elephant in the living room that is destroying everything in its path, yet, no one talks about it despite everyone in the house knowing it is there. This is called a dysfunctional setting which describes many schools throughout the nation. Most every child (regardless of age...Pre-K through High school) can tell you of at least one that fits the description of a bully. They are everywhere as it is a world wide problem, not just a national one. This by no means includes all educators, as there are many teachers whom are altruistic, giving, and utterly fantastic and can pull the best out of kids by continual positive reinforcement, which is the real key to motivating people, including kids and adults. However this is not true across the board. Teacher bullying is a world wide problem and the only way to solve this problem is to rid the obstacles that continue to keep these people on the payroll and in the system. In the United States, this refers to spineless administration and teaching unions that often come to the aid of the abusive teacher. Now that probably will not happen in this particular instance, being there is nationwide uproar about this instance. However once a teacher is tenured, they are very hard to rid. Teaching is a profession and like all professions should be regulated and scrutinized for public safety. However many abusive personnel are protected by the teaching unions and sometimes good ol boy administration locally, and instead of being out and out terminated, they are shuffled from school to school and thus able to abuse more captive students in their charge. Personally, I believe this entire charter school in Houston should be investigated, as teacher bullying if often indicative of a pattern. This lady was caught red handed because of a cell phone, however what about the students she has probably harmed prior to this instance, which was not video-recorded? I am relatively confident that this is not the only student whom has suffered from her wrath. Furthermore, what about the teaching personnel that witnessed this and did nothing to intervene? They should be fired and criminally prosecuted as well, as this omission of their intervening, led to this boy being harmed physically and emotionally. I really could care a less if this was a catholic school, a charter school for the disciplinary problem kids, or a nursery school. Violence and bullying is wrong. Additionally, adults are supposed to act as role models for kids, and I certainly want no child of mine mimicking this sort of behavior from this teacher. That woman is a disgrace to the teaching profession, and I agree, she should face criminal charges as well. Hopefully in addition to being terminated, she will be prevented from working in any other setting around children. I am all for cameras in the class room with outside monitoring. I have had discussions with many teachers over the years who disagree with this, however I believe a good teacher could care a less, who is in observation of their class time, as they are doing their job and not harming kids in their wake. Only the questionable or out and out abusive ones (emotionally or physically), do not wish for someone to be looking in over their shoulder, as being caught, may threaten their livelihood. See link below about teacher bullying, which is rarely talked about, however happens often and has been happening for many years. However like you pointed out above in your commentary, it is getting more and well deserved attention, due to the age of modern technology (i.e cell phones). It is a very intelligibly written report by a PHD educated individual in Springfield OH, who studied many on this subject. http://www.stopbullyingnow.com/teachers%... Also see link below by Jordan Riak, who is a hefty advocate in CA to eradicate the abuses that have gone on in schools for years. He is a former teacher. Excellent reading from a respected and outspoken advocate. http://www.scribd.com/doc/24019258/Abuse... Parents must listen to their children. The teacher is just not always right! Stay involved. Involvement and awareness help solve problems! You sound as though you and your family have a good head on your shoulders and care about others. Continue to ca
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Alisa Alisa
The interesting thing about this situation is that it occurred in a charter school. Most politicians are touting charter schools as the "cure" for America's education system when in reality many charter schools are full of inadequately prepared individuals with little or no teaching skills. Now for the cell phones. Personally, if a kid needs a cell phone for after school activities - they should be able to keep them locked in a locker. It has been my experience that most cell phones create much more of a distraction and can enable cheating on exams. In addition, kids have recorded videos of other kids in locker and bathrooms which violate other student's right to privacy. The number of incidences like this does not warrant an overall acceptance of phones. Now for the other teachers not breaking this up. Many schools have policies that prohibit teachers from physically breaking up fights. We are suppose to call school security if we have a problem. It is very easy for a teacher to either injure a kid or for a kids to even accidentally injure a student. This teacher does need to have charges filed against her. This was not right but I wondering what this kid has been doing all year that caused this build up of anger. I also wonder what the administration has done in regards to disciplinary issues. Some schools place the entire responsibility of discipline in the classroom teacher's hands and when they do this, things blow up. I wonder how actively involved the parent is as well. Why did she not notice that the kid had bruises until another parent had to tell her a day or two later. It had to be a kodak moment before she became involved. Was she used to seeing her kid bruised? Oh by the way, I do not mind being videoed in the classroom, it would enable parents to see what their little darlings are doing at school. Bring on the cameras!
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Ulrick Ulrick
Of course assault charges are justified!!! Good grief, what makes being a teacher different than someone else who beats on a child - or any human being? Actually, the fact that it IS a child makes it all that much worse. I'm glad someone had a cell phone to capture this. I can't believe they asked if she should be arrested! WHY hasn't she been??
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Riordan Riordan
In UK, A Teacher just got let off, from an attempted murder charge, for battering a boy around the head, with a 2 kilo Dumbell, shouting "Die, Die". Some of that was caught on cellphone camera too. But the poor bloke had not long recovered from a nervous breakdown, and the kid was winding him up mercilessly. He got a suspended sentence.
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Meshech Meshech
This is so shocking! This teacher works at a school for kids with problems being disciplined, and she doesn't have the patience to deal with them? I hope she lands in jail! That kid was not at threat to her, that was a blatant assault. Yeah, cell phones might not be a bad idea! It's too bad the kid filming it was probably doing so to laugh at it later.
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