I WANT A BABY SO BADLY AND AM ONLY 16? Topic: Worst case stretch marks
July 22, 2019 / By Deborah
Question: I have talked to my mom about it and she is freaking! My birth mom had me at 16 too, I don't know why I can't have one. I LOVE kids and I LOVE babies and children of all ages. I just have that motherly instinct and I want one so bad! AND my mother and her friend run a daycare center, that is where I would put my child so I CAN finish school with a baby Do you even know how much time I spend with OTHER people's kids. I spend hours with children and babies a DAY because like I said, my mother owns a daycare and all the family's ask ME to babysit. AND I LOVE IT!
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Britta Britta | 2 days ago
i know how you feel. but trust me...you should enjoy your childhood/teenhood.. while you can. im 16 and got prego at 15. today is my due date and im so excited :D BUT..i do wish i was more careful about sex. i dont regret my baby at all i just regret not being careful enough. why? b/c my life will never be the same now and i have to be a mother and grow up at 16..change everything.literally everything..which honestly im not ready to do even though i want to and have plenty of experience w/baies&kids . im excited about my baby and i never thought of abortion & im taking responsibilty for my actions.. but i still wish i was more careful b/c im so young and im already having to devote my life to my baby..and since im so young and still in school.. it wont be easy. not as easy as it could be if i would of gotten preggo after finshing school and being stable. also because before i got prego i had just started having fun being 15.. had just started liking my body and the way i looked , & started wearing bathing suits for the first time and feel confident about it [when usually i wouldnt feel comfortable enough and i would always wear shirt and shorts to the pool or beach] and at about 4 months preggo i started gaining weight that was causing me to get stretch marks on my sides and boobs :( [they were little when they started] then i started to put cocoa butter..and unfortunatly i guess i never put enough because i have so many marks now..bigger and darker in every place. [legs,thighs,but,lower back,sides,&boobs ] i look back at my pre preggo pics and wanna cry b/c i didnt get to have much time feeling confident about my body b/c i got preggo so quick. :( ppl tell me.. "o your so small youll deff get your body back dont worry...and those strech marks will fade to where you cant see them.." and i feel better when they tell me that.. but when i look in the mirror it seems like thats impossible :( .. [but these are just the consequences for being dumb and not being careful about sex..] but i try to keep my hopes high that those ppl are right..and i will get my body back and lose the marks..but its hard just TRUST ME.. cherish your time as a teen..itll never be the same again once you have a baby. yea youll be happy and all but trust me..wait to have kids when you find a good guy you love.. have finished school..and have a life stable enough to support a baby. its wayy easier and better for you and the baby that way. in my case.. the guy i lost my virginity to and first REALLY fell in love with & had a real relationship w/ is the guy that got me pregnant. weve been together for almost 2 years. :) and will be moving into our own place soon. hes having a tough time finding a good paying job though..and alot of places dont wanna give him full time.. so unfortunatly right now were struggling financially. yea his part time job pays him almost 200 every 2 wks.. but having to pay other things leaves us w/ a little money.. hopefully we can find him a better job soon..we really need our own place and right now we have barley any space. : / remember.. babies arnt as easy as they seem and will change your life. [in a great way of course but will also change everything..BABY COMES FIRST. ] and believe me...diapers are almost 10$ a pack..formula like 8$ a can depending on the brand..and wipes go quick too. and babies will always need clothes...lots of them. babies are a whole new bill all by themselves..lol. but worth it :) just when your stable and have finished school is the best time to try to take on that kind of responsibilty. anyways im writing wayyy to much so im gunna cut it here.. hope i helped you out somehow..and hope you choose to wait for a baby. e-mail me if u ever wana tlk or want advice :)
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Britta Originally Answered: My baby was 6 weeks premature and weighs much less than a term baby his age. Should I wait to get vaccinated?
Jennifer wrote, "Doctors know what they are doing." Don't be so sure of that. Your instincts as a mother are extremely valuable. Do not ignore your instincts to protect your baby. Delay the vaccines until you are completely comfortable with your baby getting them. In the meantime, continue to research vaccines. If you find that you are never completely comfortable with vaccines, there are exemptions available to the school and daycare vaccine requirements. Exemptions: United States http://www.mothering.com/discussions/sho... Canada http://vran.org/exemptions/legal-exempti...

Alis Alis
You are going through a time in your life when your hormones are running wild. If you look back in history, normally women of your age would be married and starting a family. Our bodies are running on a clock that doesn't always fit in with society. Everyone has urges, some stronger than others. Honestly, I still think that you should wait. Because of the hormones, it is harder to see any other option other than to fulfill your desire. But, in reality, in as little as a few months you could 'wake up' and realize that being a mother this young is really not what you want right now. You do have plenty of time. I know that it's hard, but don't make an irrational decision based on your urges.
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Ulric Ulric
Im not going to sit here and try to talk you out of it, but you are only 16 and you have your whole life ahead of you. There is so much you havent done yet. I maybe sounding like a hypocrite right now because im only 18 (got pregnant when i was 17) and my baby was actually planned but i sat down and actually thought about it. I was a very wild teen and i had to give all that up. No more drinking, partying, or anything that would put my baby at risk. And i actually made sure that my boyfriend would stick with me. We made the decision to go ahead and try and now im 28 weeks pregnant and i love the fact that in about 12 weeks im goin to be giving birth to my son. Do you have a boyfriend that would actually stick with you? What about a job to support it? Do you live with your boyfriend or what? Babies are really expensive and require a lot of work. So are you sure your ready?
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Rio Rio
I see you LOVE babies. BUT do you have a JOB? do you have HEALTH INSURANCE? so you have a stable partner who loves you and will support you and a child for the next 18 years? Just because you love babies doesn't mean you're ready for one. Just because your mum runs a daycare centre that's no good reason to have a baby! You need to think about college, and getting married, and buying a house and having a career before you ever think about having a baby. Do you have a father in your life? Most girls your age are missing a father/daughter relationship and want to substitute that with the love of a baby, which is understandable, but selfish. Talk to your mother about your feelings, and I'm sure she will explain to you the hardships of being a teen mother. Focus on becoming an adult, before you think about raising one.
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Mesech Mesech
You are way too young to be thinking about having a baby of your own. If you love them maybe you can get a job or volunteer somewhere where you'll be around them. Or start a baby sitting buisness in your home. I was 21 when I had my 1st baby and as much as I thought I was ready, (job, husband, home ect...) a baby changes everything! It is hard enough to raise a happy & healthy baby while working much less being a teen who NEEDS school. At least wait until you graduate and can choose which path you go down be it more school, work, military or becomming a mother.
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Mesech Originally Answered: At 3 and a half months, can i begin introducing my baby to baby foods and/or cereal?
Hi there dear. What I would suggest you do, in regard to your baby still being hungry after you nurse her is to just nurse her again. You may be surprised at how much this comforts her and how happy it may make her. Your milk may even let down again. It will also help increase your milk supply. I know that sounds simplistic and if you have already tried that I can only say that when you do not want to add formula (you are a wise lady, adding formula would be a disaster!) letting her nurse is really the only available solution. Usually, even when the baby has finished nursing, there will always be just a trickle of milk, enough for the baby to keep nursing and therefor increase the milk supply. Mother nature thought of everything. BTW, did you mean to say that you can express 15 oz's at a time? That is two extra bottles everytime she nurses. That would be a extraordinary amount. If you can express that much then you must have a great deal of milk. I would say stop expressing that milk and let her drink it! I also agree with you that she is too little for you to add cereal to her diet. Her digestive system is too immature to handle cereal and all it would do would be to make the trip in one end and out the other. It might very well give her a tummy ache also as she is not old enough to digest it properly. Unlike the one lady that answered your question your baby does NOT have a medical problem that requires him to have a thickened substance to drink. The women who wrote in and suggested that you add cereal to your baby's diet were entirely made up of bottle feeding mothers. Women who feed their babies formula have an very different attitude about their babies and how they should be cared for. Please notice that you did not get a single reply from a breastfeeding mother that suggested cereal be added to your baby's diet. We know that the more artificial food or solid food that the infant eats, the less breastmilk he or she will drink. Breastmilk is FAR superior to any formula or any cereal that man ever invented. You are already giving your baby the very finest, most incredible, wonderful food that she will ever be lucky enough to have. Please do not make the awful mistake of giving her cereal way before she needs it. There will be plenty of time to give her cereal when she is between 6 and 8 months old. When it comes to taking advice from other mothers be sure that you are talking to other breastfeeding mothers or you are liable to get very poor advice when it comes to how to feed your little girl. It sounds to me like you are doing all the things correctly. Congratulations on making the important decision to nurse your baby. There is nothing greater that you can do for your baby at this point in her life. It is a sad fact that well educated, upper economic strata women are more likely to nurse their babies while those less fortunate are not. All babies deserve their mothers milk and we need to make every effort to reach all kinds of women with the message of how important their milk is. It is obvious from your question that you already know the tremendous gift that you are giving your baby. Be sure to spread the world to anyone else that you can. By the beautiful example that you are setting perhaps some other mother will be inspired to nurse her baby also! You are doing a wonderful thing and you have every reason to be proud of yourself. Good luck and I hope that you soon get over this "growth spurt" and things return to normal. Also I wanted to say that when your milk first comes in you are so engourged and so "bursting with milk"....that feeling hardly ever comes back unless you miss a feeding. Your breasts will tend to feel softer and may not even feel like there is not much milk there. Believe me, it is an illusion, there is lots of milk available to your baby. "Breastfed is Bestfed" You are giving your baby the gift of "mommy magic", your sweet milk is the most important thing you will ever give her! Good for you! Good luck and take care honey. Keep up the good work. Love and Blessings Lady T~****** Hi there. I just read the answers that you have received and I have to tell you how horrified I am at the woman who said she fed her poor little baby cereal when she brought him home from the hospital! It is sad enough that she denied him her breastmilk but to force cereal down the throat of a newborn infant is child abuse and she should have been stopped. The fact that she did it and then actually wrote in here about it shows that she still does not have any remorse about what she did. As mothers we have a great responsibility in feeding our babies. They will eat what ever we give them, they have no choice. Well educated women know that breastmilk is all that they need, a woman who would give a newborn cereal is not ready to be a mother. She should have taken some parenting classes. I sincerely hope that no one reading her post will think that what she did is alright. And again, remember that your baby does not suffer from a rare medical condition that makes her need cereal at such a young age!******

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