Whitman makes husband fall guy?

Whitman makes husband fall guy? Topic: Learn handwriting letters
July 20, 2019 / By Dominick
Question: Gee I'm just shocked. How about you? "For two days, Whitman forcefully denied receiving any such letter and said she fired the $23-an-hour housekeeper last year immediately after learning she was illegal. But Whitman's husband changed course Thursday after a letter surfaced with what appeared to be his handwriting, forcing him to say he may have been aware of the correspondence back in 2003." http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20101001/ap_on_el_gu/us_california_governor_housekeeper Well Sweetcheeks, I was raising my (non-lesbian) family and running my little business. Is that all you got? "Where were you in 2003?". 02: I honestly believe that since Whitman is running on an anti-illegal platform (and this is California after all) that this is very telling as to the kind of person she is. while it might have been a blindside, if it's true why shouldn't Jerry Brown use it? She would have done the same in a heartbeat. Not to mention she has run one of the dirtiest and most dishonest campaigns California has ever seen. Of course I read it. I wanted you to read it and respond.
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Bradley Bradley | 10 days ago
The only real hypocrisy I'm seeing is the fact that if this was an important issue, why didn't it come out long ago? Why is it only now when the election closing in that it's suddenly discovered? Isn't it about time that we get away from the pathetic political games?
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Adeno Adeno
Your own source answered your question. Didn't you read it? The only response I could provide is refer to your source. No one here is a part of the Whitman household.
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Stella Stella
I have lived in the South West most of my 57 years on Earth and I know for a fact that it is predominately wealthy Republicans here in the South West that Hire illegal immigrants for cheap slave labor .
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Queen Queen
You really buy that liberal smear? I got some swamp land in Florida for you. Gloria Allred is an ambulance-chasing cretin. I can't believe that you libs are so desperate that you get off on these low-life tactics. You have the integrity of an alley cat!
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