Could EVERYONE please offer me their good advice? PLEASE.?

Could EVERYONE please offer me their good advice? PLEASE.? Topic: Description of the business plan
June 25, 2019 / By Jeannine
Question: I've been dating this guy for 6 months. He's kind, sweet, sensitive, funny and handsome - we get along wonderfully. Naturally, I'm beginning to feel myself falling for him but haven't told him as don't know if he is in the same place. His ex wife cheated on him twice so after leaving her he started his own business became highly independent so I dont know if he's "serious" about me. When I ask him he tells me he cares so much for me. He is always planning things for us to do, cooks me dinner, takes me places and forever giving me hugs and telling me he misses me but sometimes I just get the feeling he's never going to tell me how he "feels". One night I plucked up the courage to tell him that I wanted to know how he felt as I didnt want to get hurt too if he just wanted "fun". He brought up his wife cheated on him and how yes he is wary of new relationships but he cares so much for me. With his new business and 2 daughters to look after he is very "busy". It's like I totally sympathise about his wife cheating on him...but I just feels he's happy to go with the flow and I'm less patient than that.......when I feel we're having an amazing time together?Sometimes after we've had an amazing night together - really getting close and bonding - he is suddenly "busy for the next couple of days" - it just makes me feel like he is making some excuse? Or it could be genuine. To counteract this and see if he was serious, I've started withdrawing myself and not being as available as I was. He is messaging me more, asking how I am so I know he's very interested - just I want him to admit how he feels or I'm going to have to end this as I really am falling for him....and if I'm just fun I cant be just that. Can anyone help me on what is going on? What I should do?
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Best Answers: Could EVERYONE please offer me their good advice? PLEASE.?

Fay Fay | 6 days ago
His life sounds like a bit of give and take right now. In order to fit you in he has to give up time for something else. Then he has to take the time to make up whatever he put off so that he could spend time with you. He cares for you but sounds extremely busy and with this you are going to have to be patient in order to be with him. Time sounds like a commodity for him and he has to plan everything down to the minute in his life right now. You are a respite that he can come to where time doesn't really exist and so he makes the most of it while he has you with him. From your description he certainly sounds like he is worth being patient for. Hang in there. You can work him through his fears slowly...as time permits.
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Corona Corona
Sounds like a good relationship building here . Do not rush it . Be supportive of him . Show interest in his kids , and his job . Try not to scare . let him see you are not his X WIFE . Good Luck
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Beth Beth
he's maybe not ready to tell u how he feels and not sure should he tell u. and he's maybe not tryin to get too close cus he dnt want to be broken hearted again.
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