How do you make money when traveling?

How do you make money when traveling? Topic: Does writing a blog make money
June 16, 2019 / By Carlisa
Question: okay, in the future I want to travel to many different countires. I want to be an expatriate. A globe trotter. but i know many people who do this had to quit there careers to travel. Do they have money saved up to last them? Do they just find other jobs internationally. Also which is the best way to go about doing so???
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Andy Andy | 1 day ago
There are quite a few options and if you are careful you can avoid scams. If you are a good writer, you can try freelance writing. You can provide articles for people wit.h websites and blogs. Another option would be online surveys. There are quite a few companies that will pay you for doing surveys online. But be aware of scams as there are plenty. To avoid scams remember one rule – a legitimate company will never ask you for sign up fee, nor there will be any fees associated wit.h being a member. If a site asks you for a fee, then to not go there.
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i would say you get products that offer recurring payments. take those products write a post on all of your blogs... with this post dont make it sound to serious actually it should have a friendly tone to it... then within it talk about the product you want to sell.. ***best point** give them a method on how they can use the product and this will increase your conversions tenfold. people always wanna know how to do something..if you tell thm how and then give them all the tools to do it...you have yourself a winner. i can say if you are really interested with working on the internet with clickbank i would suggest you do some research and find a clickbank guru that can mentor you through your beginning times..heres a great person to follow chris cobb. he is a clickbank guru and he has a program in place to mentor people this is a must. the highest paid clickbank affiliates all learned from him...this is a must. i chose this site because this site give you the program with some added benefits and bonuses..so you should definitely give this a try... http://cb-cash.bonusx.net

Wilber Wilber
If you are looking to make make money and travel there are a number of ways. First decide what kind of traveling you want to do. Do you want to constantly move from one country to another? Or do you want to settle in one place for a while? If you want to move from one country to another, or several different cities in one country, the best bet is to look into starting an online business of some sort. A drop shipping site will give you freedom to move. You might also consider writing for online publications. Or maybe taking stock photos? If you want a more long term job, you can always consider teaching or getting a job in a hotel or restaurant abroad. FundingTravel.com and Nomadic Matt are good sites. I have worked abroad since 1998, 3 months after I graduated from university. You CAN do it. Good luck.
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Sandy Sandy
Choose something that you know about and love, and be prepared to put a LOT of time and work into it. Everyone wants fast and easy, but it just isnt real. This is free and fairly good : http://bestinternetfind.solutionsarticles.com/free-work-from-home-help.html You get a website, all you have to do is promote it, the guy has a good method and needs help. There are videos to explain how to set it up. You won't be asked money/personal info.
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Nash Nash
There are a lot of work from home scams all over the internet. I do not know why it is such a hot spot for scammers, but it is, so you have to be careful. Many people say that no legitimate employer ever asks for money, and that is mostly true. However, a lot of these sites you come across for work from home opportunities are not employers, just web based communities that research work from home jobs, and list the openings to their subscriber,s..,.
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Kenzie Kenzie
there are some buisnesses that allow their imployees to take on mobile jobs that are 100% on laptops, all computer work
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Kenzie Originally Answered: Can I make make money by writing?
That's called freelance writing and its damn hard to make any real money off of it- and when you do make real money off of it, it'll still bbe a struggle. Unless you're nicholas sparks or josh grisham, but they are gross exceptions. You have to put in a lot of time commitment and finish a novel, and make it as best as you can before you can ever expect someone to look at it. You can send in short stories to magazines, and I'd just type in "literary magazines" on google to check it out. For the amount of hours you may work on a piece, you'd probably have made more money flipping burgers. but writing's so cool. Just do some research. Especially check out local stuff. I got $375, a tee shirt, magazines, and horse shampoo for entering legitimate contests I found. I entered the right contest at the right time and got something out of it based on research, careful writing, and luck. These didn't have entry fees, but many do. Some small magazines will take story comissions, but once again, you normally have to do some local research.

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