An old friend I used to be very close to may be dying.?

An old friend I used to be very close to may be dying.? Topic: How to write an email to a old friend
June 25, 2019 / By Sky
Question: When I was in sixth grade, I had a very close friend named "Joe". I guess you could say he was my first "love". I had feeling for him back then, but we were best friends, did a lot of things together. He moved before 7th grade, but we kept in touch for years via email, MySpace, and then Facebook. The last time I saw him was at a High-School Choir tournament in tenth grade. It was like we'd never skipped a beat, we hugged, talked, and reminisced. Shortly thereafter, he moved out of state and we have not kept in as close touch. I never stopped missing him. I loved him, I mean, real love. Not like romantic love, but love as a friend, as a brother, as a confidante. I am a happily married woman (3 years) with a brand new baby girl, so this isn't a matter of always having been in love with someone else, it's about missing my friend, my brother, and wanting to reconnect. We've had each other on Facebook since High School, and I recently found out he has cancer. I don't know what type, but he's just relapsed, and many of his close friends and family commenting on his FB wall sound like it's serious. I'm naturally very upset and wish he were here so I could help him through this. That's what friends do. I want to talk to him about it, know what kind of cancer it is, tell him I've missed him...and if the worst came to pass and he lost his battle with cancer, (this makes me sick thinking about it...I would want to attend his funeral. It's been so long since he and I talked in depth, and with this being such a sensitive topic, I don't know how to (or IF to) contact him via FB to get answers to my questions and tell him I've missed him. I also don't want him to get the wrong idea and think I'm telling him I love him in a romantic way, because I don't, but I thought I did back when he was still living here, and had made him aware of it at the time. I've left messages on his FB wall saying that I'm thinking and praying for him, and that if he needs to talk, I'm here. Is that where I should let it stand? It's been so long, maybe he no longer considers me the close friend we used to be, maybe he doesn't miss my friendship like I miss his, or finds it awkward because I'm married now. I know a lot of people thing platonic relationships don't work, but a lot of my best friends were guys in school, I felt I related to them more. Help please? I can't bear the thought that my old friend might be dying, and I'll never get to tell him I miss him and our friendship, and I can't bear the thought of not attending his funeral if the worst came to pass.
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Oran Oran | 10 days ago
Your question made me cry. I am a 46 yr. old man. What you have written here you need to post on his FB. I am sure he will want to contact you! Hopefully he is not to sick to reach you. Good luck!!
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You can get legally emancipated for this decision, however that may take too long. You can also get custody changed over to your aunt. I would definitely go through with it. The risks are minimal for you. By the way, you seem to have an interesting life!
Oran Originally Answered: I want to donate my bone marrow to my dying friend but no one allows me to?
What you are trying to do is very honorable and brave. I commend you for this. But I'm sorry to say, at the age of 16, if your parents are your primary guardians, you will need their approval at the hospital to get the procedure done. Legally, nobody under the age of 18 can make that decision without the consent of their legal guardian. The doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, etc. won't even perform the procedure on you. So skipping out on school or escaping the house to go will only make things worse. I wish your friend the best, and you the best as well.

Leeroy Leeroy
well i think that you could facebook him and leave him your #. that if he felt like it and had time, that you would really really appreciate getting a chance to talk with him. just a short and to the point message to him. then it's up to him if he chooses to call you. you have to realize, that he may feel like a burden to his friends. that he doesn't want all the attention he's been getting due to the circumstances. i'm sure he remembers what you two had, so i wouldn't go doubting that. i think by you genuinely reaching out one good time, that you'll be able to live with yourself no matter what the outcome may be. that you didn't want to intrude, but you went as far as you could without being disrespectful. that way if he does take a turn for the worse, you won't feel like you ignored him or his situation. a kind of closure for you, that you tried. you don't want any regrets when it comes to something important to you as this is. best wishes to you. losing people out of your life is something i struggle with, so i know where you are coming from.
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Jade Jade
listen when people are sick its hard for them to live in the norm , what I would do is contact him through what ever means neccessary and tell him u luv him from the bottom of your heart and u want to support him in his battle. dont worry about all that ying , yang! if he leave here at least he knows that u hung in there as a friend who never stopped caring.
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