English Research Paper: How did the Nazis come into power? (examining the psychological side)?

English Research Paper: How did the Nazis come into power? (examining the psychological side)? Topic: How to find good sources for research papers
July 16, 2019 / By Scott
Question: Here's the idea: the Nazi party came into power. How did such an organization come to existence? What made people believe that Hitler was their saving grace and going to lead Germany to greatness? examples of psychological "weaponry", propaganda, censorship, etc. how it was used, possibly a little about theories of Hitler's own mental state. title is "Mind of Madness: Hitler's Psychological Warfare". i think its a pretty good title. where can i find some good sources for this? my teacher suggests (1) narrowing my topic more, and (2)talking to a professor of history and psychology. what kind of books or what kind of websites might have information along these lines?
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Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar | 10 days ago
There is a very good book that cover this subject matter thoughroughly. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer.
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That would absolutely fill 5-7 pages if you present both sides. You could start with 9/11, and present how maybe it could've been prevented if surveillance was allowed and how surveillance can prevent another one. What terrorist plots has surveillance prevented around the world. Look at other countries that use surveillance, has it decreased crime at all? Where is the balance between privacy rights and national security? I think unbiased means you have to represent each side fairly. You can have an opinion and even put it in the paper as long as the other side is fairly treated. Edit: Depending on how much research you want to put in you could check with your public or school library and see if they have access to the "Opposing Viewpoints" database from Gale. It presents essays and journal articles by smart people on both sides a topic.

Keshawn Keshawn
The Nazi Party may have come into existence ans power because Hitler said what the majority of the people in Germany at that time were thinking or wanted to hear. Offering to create jobs and equality for the poor and lower classes. Of course they mostly became his Policemen and later the Military. This is only my simplistic opinion.
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Hucc Hucc
only like the apostle Paul traveled drastically to convey information of Christ to human beings in all factors, committed ones right this moment are doing an identical element. there have been tribes got here across interior the final a hundred and fifty years that, interior the final 2000 years, in no way had any touch with Christians. Amazingly, however, they did have a legend of a depraved earth cleansed with the aid of skill of a international flood, with basically a handful of folk surviving.
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Emory Emory
in my film class this last term, we watched the diving sequence from leni riefenstahl's "olympia". she was the filmmaker for nazi germany and did a bunch of stuff on propaganda. anyway, here's the sequence. you can pull a bunch of stuff out of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwmYFz01MxA
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