France spain england holland and HRE in 1648?

France spain england holland and HRE in 1648? Topic: france homework
June 16, 2019 / By Kelcey
Question: Explain how the following states evolved by 1648 France, Spain, England, HRE, and Holland How did each change policitally, economically, socially, and religiously.
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Ireland Ireland | 10 days ago
Why? Planning on TRAVELING there? This IS, after all, the TRAVEL section.] Not the "do my history homework for me" section.
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Elenora Elenora
Oh dear, and you want me to do that within one page? You could write a book about this. I suggest use wikipedia
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Because England was the most democratic country on earth, allowed their colonies a great deal of self control. They could govern themselves with very little interference from England. As long as they continued to provide cheap raw materials, the English left their American colonies alone. France, on the other hand, had no democratic beliefs and the king ruled strictly. In America, his royal governor had the power of life and death over the colonists. Everything in America belonged to the King. If a person hunted in the woods and killed a deer without the king's/governor's permission, he was a thief and would be punished harshly.
Elenora Originally Answered: How did France's approach to its North American colonies differ from England's?
New France had one governor with absolute authority. The English colonies all had a diverse governor, some appoined and a few elected. New France worked with and had extra beneficial suitable relatives individuals with the yank Indians. The English colonies in lots of situations fairly killed, stole, or compelled American Indans off their territory.

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