Im 17 year old boy and want a job bad plzz help?

Im 17 year old boy and want a job bad plzz help? Topic: Google walmart jobs applications
June 16, 2019 / By Margot
Question: im 17 and i dont got my high school diploma but im bout to get my GED but i want a job now so i can help out my family. plzz help
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Best Answers: Im 17 year old boy and want a job bad plzz help?

Kizzy Kizzy | 9 days ago
You can always apply online at: -McDonald's -Starbucks -Pizza Hut -Taco Bell -Wendy's -Burger King -Walmart -Target -Your local grocery stores (like Publix, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, ect) There's so many places that hire under 18 without experience/diploma. Of course they prefer a diploma/GED but its not going to automatically exclude you. Just go on Google and type in the name of the store/company you want to work for, go on their official website, and go under the 'careers' tab. Should be online applications there. If not, your going to have to go apply in person for some.
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Euna Euna
What, do you just want me to hire you? How about you take some responsibility and actually go out and apply for jobs instead of begging people to help you on the internet?
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