What makes a good poem?

What makes a good poem? Topic: How to write a feedback form
July 20, 2019 / By Bessie
Question: Mine seem different than anyone elses. They are simpler and more visual. Is that o.k.....or should they make people think? Here's one I came up with yesterday. I already received feedback...I just wanted to show how simple it is. Is it too simple? Glistening ice on frosty trees.. A sunny day with a crispy breeze. Rosy cheeks on babies crying... playing children, snowballs flying. Aromas from the house fill the air... spaghetti, roast, baked chicken... Soon they will be cozy in their houses full and tired resting on their couches. Drinking cocoa before they turn off to bed. Warm and cozy with soap smelling heads.
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Afrikah Afrikah | 6 days ago
yes, simple is what I see in this example. Don't be afraid to open up and let your feeling into you work. You started off with rhyming and then changed. Stick to one way or the other. Something I am learning: After you write it, read it out loud to yourself. If you feel like it sings, it is good poetry meter wise. If you feel something deep within after reading or think, 'Wow, I wrote that?!' you have written poetry. http://www.rhymezone.com is a helpful tool to me. It helps find rhymes and so much more! Read some of the old great poets out loud to get a feel of how their form is. Also read some of the better ones here on YA. You will learn who they are. you have some magical thoughts. Keep writing and sharing, that's how you grow.
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Tiarnach Tiarnach
I am no expert - but a lot of my poetry tends to just say what is happening - very little metaphor or symbolism. I don't think that makes it any less poetry than a person who has a thesaurus for a mind. That's just my opinion of course. There are a lot of people in the poetry section that will help you out.
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Radclyffe Radclyffe
Poetry is very much a personal thing. It is an expression of your feelings. Poems which strike a chord in other people tend to be considered as "good". I've read a lot of poetry from so-called "famous" poets that I thought were nonsense. I've written my own poems which I thought were great, but I never tried to publish them because they were like my own personal diary, expressing some thought or idea that had a special significance to me. Your poem appeals to me, so from my point of view it's good!
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March March
firstly nice poem, bit of modernism in there which is always good. well poems are yours to interpret, however, the skill the poet has to convey their message always plays a vital part, if you are trying to get a message across and can't then its not specially great, but then again who says poems need messages?
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Jericho Jericho
That's like asking "what makes a good book". It all depends on who you ask. Some people prefer deeper things to make them think, just like some people prefer mystery books. However, some people like poems like the one you posted where they can easily just read it and see it in their heads. Personally, I think either style is good, and I like the poem you posted.
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