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Let's Size this question Up? Topic: Status as a researcher
June 16, 2019 / By Mollie
Question: Scicurious at Neurotopia 2.0 discusses height. The article discusses why women prefer tall men, why in recent years the taller presidential candidate has beaten the shorter one, and why tall guys make more money. Other things, the article says, contribute to status, though. "Nonverbal clues" let off signals of dominance or submissiveness giving people either a "low" or a "high" status. Psychologists have no more than theories as to why this is. Researchers at Georgetown ran tests to see if "high status cues affect how big we think something is." The article (Stand up Straight, Size Counts Around Here) details the tests. I suggest you check it out. They found that higher status does make us think that something is bigger, but the study was a bit flawed. The article concludes something that we've been hearing for years as teens. Want to seem more confident? Want to appear to have higher status? Want to see taller? Act taller. Questions: What gives tall men and men who stand in different postures their raised status? Do you think women have similar status symbols? Do you see this in everyday life? How tall are you? How does that affect you? Does acting confident=confidence? If you want, try spending a day appearing smaller, and a day appearing taller. Don't tell anyone. See if anyone says anything. I'd love to hear anyone's reports of what happened.
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Linnette Linnette | 5 days ago
This is a great question and definitely much needed food for thought. Your question deserves a much better answer than what I will give, but I'll try. It's all primal. Taller men are seen as being more powerful or "stately." Women see this and instinctively they gravitate to it. Because deep down a man like this. Tall. Physical. Nice bone structure. Etc will most likely produce children with similar characteristics. Call it taking a calculated risk in the genetics game if you will. Same goes for women. Men see shapely women with nice hips and curvy features as fertile. Those features represent fertility. Most of this takes place on a subconscious level, but how often do you hear women say that they like tall men because they feel more protected? It's all primal. 1. What gives tall men and men who stand in different postures their raised status? Answered. 2. Do you think women have similar status symbols? Answered 3. Do you see this in everyday life? Yes 4. How tall are you? How does that affect you? 5'10" No it does not. See my next answer. 5. Does acting confident=confidence? No. Being confident means you are confident. I don't need to be 6'5" to make a woman feel "safe" and protected.
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I'm 16 and 5'5 as well... You are the perfect weight, you have smaller feet, and you have a larger bra size but there's no average in that case. 16 year old girls have anywhere from A to C cup (maybe D) and that doesn't mean anything in relation to your height or anything.
Linnette Originally Answered: What is the average weight, bra size, shoe size for a 16 year old girl who is 5'5?
if your're petie you can't expect to be the average size for anything lol. height also depends on your're parents genes!.... a 16 year old female should be about 110 pounds and about 5'4-5'6 average unless tallness is in genes.. shoe size goes along with height... i say about 7. i'm 19 and i weigh 100 and i'm only 5'3 and shoe size 7 7/12 .. everyone is different all goes back to genes

Kalisha Kalisha
To me, in my mind, tall men and women are inferior. I know that's not what the American society sees. These men and women are always standing around looking pretty because they can't actually do anything. They are always bumping their heads. They can't reach into crevasses or small tight places. But, people look up to them...literally. They make better salesmen because they tower above you with authority. Just don't ask them to make anything...they get in the way. 1) Its a pity that everyone relies on looks instead of brains in business. The front office has the stupid tall guy..and in the back are the more adaptable flexible and capable workers. 2) Women have models as status symbols. 3) Yes, totally in everyday life, I see it. 4) 5'4" and since I am 6" smaller than the norm, it effects me a lot. Especially effecting me in Basketball...haha..coulda, woulda played Golf. (should mention that I don't value either sport as a talent.) 5) It has nothing to do with confidence. It has everything to do with society's perception. Ok, I'll appear taller and see if anyone says anything...looking for my heels... By the way, when I'm by myself I feel very tall.
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Hadley Hadley
I am a petite 5'1 girl. I am proud of being small and being a little one. I have never wished I was taller. Not once. I am not affected in any way. Though I must say, clothes and pants etc like jeans are HARD to find for shorter girls as I know. Because since the average is 5'5 in society, that is where marketing begins, The AVERAGE I notice is always promoted. So it is a pain in finding pants and if you do you have to get them taken up so they do not drag. This is one downside. There was also a time they did not have bras for women who are small and petite with a big bust. I used to find it really had to get bras that were good for support in sports etc. BECAUSE I am small and I have a small back BUT I have DD cup breasts. That was another thing. Well if you look at women, tall women a always promoted as models etc. It is just again part of the euro centric ideal of beauty. So yes. But yeah, otherwise I love being short and petite. It is CUTE. :)
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