What makes you cry a lot and why?

What makes you cry a lot and why? Topic: Cold case shows youtube
June 16, 2019 / By Dene
Question: it can be songs,people,situations you been in or are in are happening, anything and please explain why! thankz and what makes me cry is: sarah Mclaughlin-in the arms of the angel aspca commercial anybody else?
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Beavis Beavis | 5 days ago
that show cold case .... they do flash backs all thought the show .. and god it dose it ever time .. by the end i'm CRYING like a baby .. check out clips on youtube .. it's amazing film work but GOD it makes me cry .
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Zoey Zoey
Britney Spears: Everytime Jonas Brothers: A Little Bit Longer anything that makes me think of bad/sad relationships
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Sherisse Sherisse
haha... I just watched Raise Your Voice (with Hilary Duff) that movie makes me cry everytime I see it. Mostly movies make me cry, even if there is only one sad scene a cry like a baby! lol. When I see a movie and there is a scene like that, I think what would happen and how I would feel like in that exact situation and it makes me cry even more.
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Penina Penina
I mainly cry when I watch emotional scenes about love, family, friends etc.or listen to songs that remind me of my past saddening experiences and I also cry for death. Well, I mainly cry because either I have experienced that pain or I can't imagine myself going through that emotional pain
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