Is Phalloplasty safe? i heard they cut a ligament to make the penis longer, is this possible? what can i gain?

Is Phalloplasty safe? i heard they cut a ligament to make the penis longer, is this possible? what can i gain? Topic: Weight loss surgery research paper help
June 16, 2019 / By Kaylin
Question: I have been researching this operation in which they make an incision in the pelvis and cut a ligament holding the penis, supposedly the penis is in a S - shape like the pipes under your household sink, so by cutting it that it makes the penis longer. I believe i need this operation because of a condition a have called phimosis where my erection is restricted by my foreskin and prevents full erection, so im 20 yrs old. and now it will permanetly stay that size if i dont take care of it now, i am below average penis size and would really appreciate if anyone knows how this procedure works, any side effects? risks? how long do i have to wait to have intercourse? post op?
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Best Answers: Is Phalloplasty safe? i heard they cut a ligament to make the penis longer, is this possible? what can i gain?

Hunter Hunter | 2 days ago
Benocha....... There is no guarantee your penis will hang forward more, or even be noticeable.There is loss of feeling afterwards in some cases, with the chance that it can reattach,and also cause bending and permanent shortening in some cases. You gain absolutely nothing if it's there already. How can you be below average? Who's average? Who made them average? Your size is the normal for you. Because I have a 10" penis that makes you below average? How do my size make you below average? I have had surgeries you could count because of an accidental fall of 80 feet on to a steel paper roll that eventually cost me both of my testicles, and may penis surgeries.They wanted to amputate my penis because of the damage, but many many surgeries later, and just this last March they were able to put in a three piece penis implant to help maintain what i have left. These are big bucks for the doctors, and are scams. I know personally that pill's , gels' stretching exercises, stretching devices, pumps, and surgeries are scams. Thanks to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland. Cutting the ligaments does not make the penis larger. How can it be larger? All it does is release the ligament's that support the erection. There are a lot of complications with doing this, scaring , scar tissue can develope, the ligaments can reattach causing a bend in the penis, and shortening it also. It can cause loss of sensation at the base ' and some instance's pain that's permanent in the shaft and base, with numbness. You have to wear a weight to keep the penis in the fixed position so it doesn't reattach. When your penis is fallicid does it hang longer? If not then you just see what the results will give you. I'll bet that when you get an erection your phimosis condition doesn't keep you from getting a full erection more then the scaring, and shortening of the penis from all the surgeries i have had keeps me from from getting when i pump up the unit they put in me. Believe me you won't gain a thing. Before you jump into something that will cost big bucks, with plenty of consenquences, I would talk seriously with a urologist that knows what they are talking about, and not just into pushing enchancement's that make them richer, and do nothing. Like many others on here that seem to think there is a average size we are suppose to be. These web sites that say this is the average size, are sizes that these enchancement people are putting on here so others will buy into them being "below average" Don't want to spoil your dreamz so as to speak. But your penis is fine as is believe me. The only one concerned with it's size is you! If you buy in to believeing you'll gain 1 to 3" they sell you on it, and convince you that you gained,because you want to believe it. Good Luck! Hope this is of value.
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Edwina Edwina
well, if it's true phimosis, then you can't draw your foreskin back over the head. It shouldn't hinder your penis from getting to max size. But, if that's the case, then you need to deal with that first! At best, with the phalloplasty, you might gain an inch or two. But, be aware, that when this ligament is cut, your penis has the ability to slip back inside your body. And this is very often the case. You'll literally wear a 'strap' to make it stay outside for quite a while. It carries the same risks as other surgeries, and it's only a very small incision that needs to be made.
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Charley Charley
I wouldn't mess around with this procedure. If you have phimosis, you need to do some foreskin-stretching exercises every day. This is the most effective and safest way to loosen things up down there. Just make sure you use a penis skin moisturizer while doing the stretching though. There is one called Man1 Man Oil that I really like. It will protect your penis skin from irritations (this is a stretching side effect) and keep it extra clean. You can get it online.
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