What makes a goth a real one?

What makes a goth a real one? Topic: More the sisters of mercy
June 16, 2019 / By Justy
Question: This is a serious question...Ive always been interested in this style..What makes a goth person truly a goth? Is it a state of mind or the way you look? Everyone thinks its all about cutting yourself, shopping in hot topic, being depressed, listening to DEMONIC music..My brother says that all the time and these stereotypes pisses me off...Everyone is different...I like to wear black alot(more than usual) but im not a huge crazy fan of screamo, metal...Im actually more into EDM(trance) , new age. I do have a thing for gothic music but for more ambient and calming music..People are close minded i swear..Im a loner/outcast...so im always by myself...some ask me if i listen to metal all the time just because i dress in all black..Just because i like to dress in black all the time and the characteristics i have. Stereotypes are rediculous..People always assume goths should be 1 thing and should abide by the rules of it..But what makes a real goth?? my youtube if anyone wants to explore lol: http://www.youtube.com/user/Star7851
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Harve Harve | 6 days ago
A real Goth is one who values darker aesthetics. Nothing more. It can be extended by some to a musical subculture from the 80s that included Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and others. That part is debatable however. As far as fashion goes, it is unnecessary (though many Goths do recognize a very loose dress code for gothic clubs, but that, again, comes with the musical subculture parallel to the aesthetic one).
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Harve Originally Answered: What exactly is Goth music? First generation goth's please help this babybat?
I'm not and elder goth per se, but my husband is and I'm not a spring chicken myself. Not sure what info you're looking for, but here's a bit of info. Of the bands you like, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and Siouxie (Face to Face is a great song, I agree, but its among their most recent stuff) are old school gothic music. The Cure are a bit on the pop side, but I don't know of any goths who hate them for it. Other old school goth you might like: the Mission UK, Joy Division, or any of Peter Murphy or Daniel Ash's other bands. Most of the other bands you listed would not be considered goth by older goths, although they are goth inspired. After the mid-80s, the gothic genre diverged into several different sub-genres. The genre that most resembles the original goth music is called darkwave, and includes bands like the Cruxshadows and Ego Likeness. Than there is industrial, with bands like VNV Nation and Android Lust. There is ethereal music, like Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Mira. And there's goth-a-billy, ambient, goth-punk, and electronica. My favorite are hold-overs from the late 80s/early 90s that still have a lot of old-school edge, but are more in tune with my musical sensibilities, bands like Faith & the Muse, Mephisto Waltz, and Switchblade Symphony (not still together, but their stuff is still classic). I hope that helped a little. Its good that you asked, we were all babybats at one point.

Eleazar Eleazar
Like many other such movements and styles, this can be answered with a simple statement: If you have to ask, you'll never know. Edit: I should actually explain this i think. Generally the people who become so do so not by intention. Very few people set out to do this. So literally, they will jsut have figured it out. Note that this does not apply to hipsters, just as most traits of decent human beings dont.
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Cassidy Cassidy
I don't think you should really classify yourself (That just gives the stereotype people more power). I think you are goth-ISH. I like Country music and The twilight saga, along with a lot of other things that don't add up. Be unique! Like what you like, and if people look at you funny, just smile and wave (I was waiting in a line for a twilight thing and people kept looking at us like we were crazy, lol). Seriously though, You don't have to be "GOTH" -Just like being gothish. :)
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Allyn Allyn
It happens. We become what we always think, believe or contemplate seriously. It depends on the seriousness attached and deep concentration of mind towards a single noble goal.
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