Why should I care about humanity if life is meaningless anyways?

Why should I care about humanity if life is meaningless anyways? Topic: How to write a robot story
June 16, 2019 / By Jaasau
Question: If life is meaningless then humanity certainly is. And of course that is assuming that there is no form of conscious postmortem existence of any kind whatsoever. Why should I care about the earth, or humanity, or anything really? In the end it all doesn't matter and it will be as if I never existed at all. And for all I'm concerned with, if I don't exist nothing else exists either because I will not be here to perceive it. Why should I give a f**k about a world that doesn't give a f**k about me? If I die tomorrow most people would never know and even less would give a flying f**k. I could see if I felt some sort of love from humanity but truth is that it's not there and no one cares. Yes I'm supposed to feel obligated to care about it. I'm supposed to do my best to help people. I'm supposed to just be a sucker to people who would probably find it funny if I got hit by a car. If I see a child about to be hit by a car, my instincts tell me to go do what I can to save it even if it means risking or losing my life. Yet no one would do it for me. Not to mention, most people are jerks, so statistics say that child will grow up to be one. Why should I save a jerk? If I hear about someone who died burning to death in a fire. Should I feel bad about it? Naturally I would but no one would care if it happened to me. You know what I like about the internet? If I asked this in real life no one would give me straight answers. But here I get to hear peoples real thoughts. Trolls and all of it. If you typed it you thought it and you meant it enough to physically create it. So all the negative answers about how pathetic I am and how I should just blame myself for the way society looks at me can all come out. Boo hoo lets play a violin for my sob story rant right? I've heard it before and you make yourself sound like unconscious robots telling me the same damn thing over and over again. If all you are is emotionless robots then I see no reason I should value your lives. I don't care about how pathetic you think I am and all that, you don't need to tell me because I already know you don't care. What I want to know is why I should care about you or anyone else? existing and meaninglessness. Things mean something to someone because they are around to give it meaning. Once that stops it returns to meaningless nothingness. So for life when this happens it will be as if it never happened at all. The question comes in of why should I do anything if it will be as if I never did it at all? I'm not too worried about that though because I don't care as much as i used to but it still bothers me.
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Fillin Fillin | 3 days ago
The fact that you would have the instinct to save a child's life or feel bad about someone dying in a fire means you're naturally inclined to care about the world. I think it's obvious that you've been hurt a lot and it's caused you to want to turn off your emotions, but I can tell from your words that you're a good person. Regardless of whether or not humans believe in an afterlife, they're built to form relationships and this means, for the most part, due to our inability to be completely self-sufficiant and ensure survival, we have a innate desire to care and be cared for. I don't believe in an afterlife or a deity, and I get posed with the question "Why do you care if someday you're not going to exist" a lot. I think people think that because I don't believe in God I must be a bad person that hates everyone and everything and I'm capable of great evil because i'm not threatened with eternal punishment, lol. The truth is-- there's a lot of crappy people in the world who'll treat you like crap-- but there are some really great ones out there too. Just because there's no afterlife doesn't mean that life is meaningless and that's what you have to figure out for yourself: what gives your life meaning? It looks like you write exceptionally well, is it writing? Maybe art? You should care about humanity because you can make a difference, the relationships you form affect people, therefore regardless of whether or not you continue existing, your actions have impacted their lives, and therefore the lives of those they know and so on and so forth. If you actually don't care about humanity then that's one thing, but I think you could and I think, from your words, you want to. If you put it out there enough, you'll get it back-- if you save that child from being hit by the car there's a chance that child would grow up to be kind, always remembering what you did for it. I'm not going to say people would risk their life to save you or that they definitely care about you, because I don't know your situation, but I will say that there are 7 billion people in the world-- there are definitely ones that could care about you, maybe you just haven't met them yet. And you're not pathetic-- everyone goes through times when they feel unnoticed, unloved, some people more than others and that really sucks. Whether you realize it or not-- you affect peoples' lives, I don't even know you and tomorrow, your words are going to help me remember to be a little bit kinder to the people I encounter. I don't know if I answered anything for you, but I'm going to keep you in my thoughts anyway. I hope you figure out what you're looking for.
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Fillin Originally Answered: Existance is feeling completely meaningless.please help?
Well, first off it's a good thing to ask for advice and guidance. I applaud anyone for getting that far, cause it definitely takes some effort to be able to open up to others opinions. Also, I'm sure you don't need an alcohol talk. But let me reemphasize that alcohol is listed as a depressant, and it only gets worse the more you drink over a long period of time. Anyone with a straight head can figure that out, so I'm sure you can/have. I've often felt the same way you are. In fact I do feel this way right now. Being over at my fiancee's parent's house does NOT help that. ^_~ Gratefully, I have a mind that likes to think about the bigger picture. And by bigger picture, I don't mean what's happening religiously, politically, or on our planet to begin with. My "thinking" doesn't exactly feel the void expresses as "meaningless," though it helps. What I'm trying to get at is that you have to find something that gives you the will and meaning to keep going. Try to do things out of your routine. Go make some new friends or join a club, or hell even answer questions similar to your own. Maybe you'll find a kind of stepping stone that helps start the way to where you want to be mentally. You can also try writing something like "What am I going to do today?" on a piece of paper and tack it to the ceiling above your bed. Make yourself motivated. I know you can do it!

Danni Danni
Listen, the world today IS undoubtedly messed up. You must remember that you are not the world. Do not become the world. We are built on the idea of getting even. If they all do this why should I not? This man murdered 10 people so he needs to die as well. We need to murder him. The main meaning of life is your footprint and legacy. Will you decide to leave actions that will form war or peace, order or freedom and so on. I think that you need to get what you want from life but also give to others. You should care about the world as a sick person, which treats everybody else negatively out of there own pain. Empathy is key to living meaningful. Go out and accomplish, adventure, explore what you dream because life is ******* short. All that matters is your life, your thoughts, your emotions ideas and experiences. Forget all of those people who don't care about you because you are obviously more conscious about what is going on. Live your life how you want to and forget the stereotypes and judgments of others for there minds have been programmed to do so sense they were born and nobody has showed them otherwise. If you do not find a purpose and a drive to live just hang on because the only constant thing in this world is change. It will not always be this way. Trust me, you are the only one who has control of your life by the decisions you make. Life is what you make of it. Make it meaningful and exercise your sympathy for humanity and try to help it if you are not please with it's current state.
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Aylward Aylward
Things mean something to someone because they are around to give it meaning this is true it did happen though,but you say as if didn't happen. emotionless robots ! What I want to know is why I should care about you or anyone else! you have no apathy yes their are jerks in this world but not all of them are Remembering and re-experiencing trauma face the unresolved feelings and memories you’ve been avoiding learn how to control your emotions, and rebuild your ability to trust other people. exercise bask in the sun
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Vonda Vonda
It depends on your model, so if you want to make your model meaningless, then that is your model. I think many of us think that we have to look after ourselves otherwise no one will look after us. If that is the case then we have to make life meaningful, we must have a sense of purpose. Certainly from my experiences people who do not find a use for their lives, gradually deteriorate mentally.
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Shannon Shannon
Hmm... The purpose of life is experience, while the meaning of life is endurance. Therefore, life is experience and endurance.
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Shannon Originally Answered: I can't seem to write any long story which I really want to, only stupid, meaningless short ones?
Read. Read religiously anything you can get your hands on. Don't just read for enjoyment, read like a writer. Look at how the author writes dialogue, pay attention to characterization, and word choice/sentence structure. It will help you fix your writing. As for being stuck with your story, maybe it would be helpful to start small. Write a few short stories until you feel like you've gotten the hang of plot structure and development. Take a break from your writing and try other genres--plays, poetry, etc. It may help to step back for awhile. You may even find that you prefer another genre to fiction. It is also important to know that novels are only as interesting as their characters are. Look at any classic novel and you'll see that the major thing that has made it timeless is not the complexity/brilliancy of its plot, but the characters. Most stories are character driven, not plot driven. If readers don't care about the characters, they won't care about the story. I hope this was helpful. Happy writing! :D

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