I fell like people/dating/popularity in High School is immature. Do you? PLEASE ANSWER! =)?

I fell like people/dating/popularity in High School is immature. Do you? PLEASE ANSWER! =)? Topic: He did his homework in spanish
July 21, 2019 / By Moll
Question: I'm a freshman, but I'm not happy. It feels like I'm the only one who cares about my academics and dosn't care about impressing. Here are some grievances I have. Sorry If they're rude, but I'm just so mad right now!! *Ditzy people: The girls seem ditzy and too obsessed with materialistic things. They need to grow up. *Popularity: Please, like I'm going to kiss the @ss of other students to be more liked. I'm secure without codependence. *Dating: I don't think declaring you love someone 2 days after learning their name is really genuine. I hate how people always go "Do you have a boyfriend?!?!?" and stuff like that like it's an effin trophy. People at my school actually date the hottest people just to become popular! Ugh! (I’d like to add that some relationships can be serious, but I’ve only seen one like that.) *Sports: I’d like to actually see someone put "I can run a 40 yard dash in 4.8" on a college app. I realize you want to be fit, and it may be fun, but it's taken too seriously. People are always talking about who the best players are ect ect. Enjoy the game and worry about banging the blondes after they get tested. *Cheating (Academically): I had the "Popular" advisory class last year. There were 5 students who would come in and ask "Did we have any Spanish homework? Did you do that packet?" And people would help them so they'd become more popular. If you didn't help them, they'd whine and gossip. In fact, I never saw them come in with finished papers... *Stereotyping: I wore glasses, played games, loved computers, and got strait A's last year. I got stereotyped as a wimp since I have chronic asthma and can't gain weight (It's hard to believe but it's true). People were always trying to act big and tough to get me to share homework or test answers. Some football player got in a fight with me since I wouldn’t help him write a HTML page. He tried to punch me in slow motion. I just moved a bit and sucker punched him. He cried. *Attitude: Just because you have a couple more friends (and they aren’t trophies, don’t say they are.) doesn’t mean you’re better then me. *Clothes: I don’t mind if you wear stuff from a thrift store IMHO. If you wear 70$ Abercrombie and Holister shirts, you’re trying too hard. I don’t mind AE and Aero since they’re extremely comfy and affordable. To girls, please be more conservative. Don’t stuff your boobs, wear XXS’s instead of a M, and tie back shirts. *Skating: Don’t wear a million Bam Margta (SP?) Element T-Shirts if you havn’t even stepped on a board. I think power to you if you wear skater style clothes, just don’t wear like skateboard brand products because they’re popular. Element, DC, and DGK for example shouldn’t be worn if you don’t know what they are. *Rebelling: I’d like to see you try. See what it does to your freshman year. My sister bombed hers since she was rebelling to fit in. *Drugs: Don’t poison yourself because it looks cool, or they did it on MTV. *Music: Don’t listen to what you don’t like, and don’t criticize taste. If someone likes Techno/Rave, let them be. Rap is very unoriginal, in my opinion. Don’t listen to Rap songs that have a million curse words at church (This happened, actually.) *iPhones: You have to be kidding if you think this is actually a good deal. These are REALLY expensive and have crazy bills. Don’t buy them, buy normal iPods. A 200$ ipod and 100$ phone + 20 a month is better then 400$ + 100 a month (What my sister’s average bill is). Anyway, thank you very much for reading this, if you did. I had to get this off my chest so bad. I’m going insane. I’m sorry if I’m stuck up or any of these opinions annoy you. I'm so mad :(
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Best Answers: I fell like people/dating/popularity in High School is immature. Do you? PLEASE ANSWER! =)?

Linnet Linnet | 4 days ago
Okay, I actually took the time to read this... & I agree on some of these things. I'm going into my sophomore year. But last school year as a freshman, I was so unhappy about some of the same things you are upset about now. Ditzy People, not all girls are "ditzy and materialistic" like you said. I am deffinatly not one of those girls and I hate girls like that, I agree they do need to grow up. Populartiy: I sort of agree with you on this one... I don't want to be one of those bitchy girls but I deffinatly don't want to be some geeky ugly annoying girl that no one likes. Dating: You have to remember that in highschool, we all have raging horomones. But we're humans, we do have feelings for people. Sports: The reason why teenagers do sports is so they don't get fat, meet new people, to stay out of trouble, and to get into a good college. Cheating: I'm not gunna lie, I have cheated on a test before. But it's cause teenagers are LAZY and don't wanna do the work themselves. Stereotyping: It's like racisism. Many people want it to end, but you can't stop people from having their own opinions. Additude: People who think they are better than other people because they have more friends, have ZERO confidence. Clothes: Teens buy expensive clothes like abercrombie & hollister because they want to fit in. & because everyone else is wearing them. Or maybe they just like the style... kinda like me :) Skating: Same thing as the clothes thing... maybe they just like the style. Just because you like the style of clothes doesn't make you a poser. IT'S JUST CLOTHES. Rebelling: I have a friend who rebels against adults because she hates being told what to do. And guess what!? She does cocaine & has been arrested 4 times. I agree with ya on that one! Drugs: I was very unhappy with my life as a freshman. I started drinking, smoking pot, and doing inhalants. Stress is what causes teens to do drugs. Not the craving for popularity. Music: Most people don't listen to stuff they don't like... & yeah I agree, rap music does suck lol. iPhones: They have EVERYTHINGGG! That's why people want them. Hope I helped calm you down, if you wanna blow off some steam, come talk to me :)
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Linnet Originally Answered: Why are high school students so disrespectful and immature?
Most parents use schools as babysitters. They don't care about their children's future. They also don't care if they have good manners. Look how many children have cell phones. However, how few do assignments or homework. Many never travel, because all goes to social media. Public schools seem to train many to become thugs and fast food workers, as the curriculum is watered down and they allow food, gum, drinks, and cell phones in the classroom. Also, special education students are in the regular classes, and slows everything down. Many are emotionally disturbed! It is only going to get worse. Parents need to complain to the superintendent Try to hang with the serious students. Study and make great grades.

Kalie Kalie
Dont worry about none of it really matters once you graduate. You'll see at you ten year reunion. Keep your head in the game and you'll will be alright. Dittzy girls will just end will 3 kids by 3 different baby daddies, the people that cheated on exams will try to cheat through life and end up working for you, Sports jock will end up working a regular job just like everybody else, the drug users you will never hear from again, music will always be there, skating will go out of style, soon as the get a job unless they're true to it, clothes will change once they get bills and the popular ones usually loose everything that made them so popular. God I love class reunions
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Hadassah Hadassah
I can understand how you feel on some things. But sometimes dating can help your grades. It helped me. But I new my ex for a year and were friends before we started going out. On the cheating part. I understand. I had this advisory class that were filled with people that they think their better. If they didn't finish their homework they would ask other people and get the answers. Also they only had party's for themselves and left half of the class out of it even though it was suppose to be for everyone not just for the "popular group". I don't like rap either. Iphones to me are a waste of money. My cell phone is old but its ok I can still text, call, and take pictures (thats all i use it for). =D
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Dixy Dixy
All this tells me you are a very Intelligent mature young man who will go far in life. all points your points are valid, & that goes back to when I was in high school in the 70's , So It will never change, just keep doing what your doing & you will most likely be reading about a lot of those popular people in the paper when they are older, because once in the real world & reality sets in they can't deal with the fall from fame, the part of the paper you will see them in the Police blotter, for drug possession, or DUI's. I have seen several of my old " Popular " Sports" people from high school who have not turned out to be the hot shots they were back then, but still manage to make the paper*
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Carlie Carlie
I'm a freshman girl, and I can tell you now you need to let this crap go. Just because people don't think like you, doesn't mean they are bad people . I felt the same way awhile back, but then i realized, okay you don't have to like everyone. Not everyone is going to think the way you do, or have the same beliefs. Not just in high school, but for your entire life. You really need to ignore people who annoy you, find friends with the same beliefs. Don't let it get to you. If you get this upset in high school, there is NO way you will make it in real life. You won't like me saying this either, but I can tell... don't be jealous of the sport guys. What is there to be jealous of, unless you want to "bang" the shallow ditzy blondes that you complained about in complaint #141. Think of it that way. Main line- chill. And dude... I was once told that calling everyone else around you immature... is a sign of immaturity.
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Sorry I'm not like in high school with that experience. Well, maybe she's just looking at you because she probably likes you by now.. I'm not sure.. because there could be other reasons and stuff... So I think by the time she looks at you, try looking at her back, and see if she smiles, If she smiles it means something, if she doesn't she's just probably looking at you. Just try that.. :]

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