Im a teenager trying to get organized please help.?

Im a teenager trying to get organized please help.? Topic: Organizers for school papers
July 21, 2019 / By Marta
Question: I'm teenager and I'm trying to get organized with school and life. Can anyone give me a free good download-able schedule/organizer for my computer. If there is anything else you can tell me to help me get organized that would be great. Also I need ways to do better in High School. Please Please help me. I have tried paper planner and I lose those. I have tried paper planner and I lose those.
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Lainey Lainey | 7 days ago
First, there's your cell phone. I think all of them today have calendars with alarms you can set to remind you of stuff (I call my Blackberry "my brains"). Then there is Outlook, if you have it in your computer... the problem with the computer is that you are not at it 100% of the time while your cell should not leave your side (mine doesn't. Lastly, if you want to pursue the computer route, this website offers a number of options http://www.thefreecountry.com/utilities/... I don't know if they're all for free, I checked on Pimki and it does seem to be free http://pimki.rubyforge.org/ Good luck
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Lainey Originally Answered: How do i get organized?
The best way to keep a clean house is to start with a clean house. I recently moved into an 850 sq foot apt and lived in a 500 sq ft studio before that. First step. Toss it. Choose a closet, filing cabinet, book case and sort. If you haven't worn something in two years or it doesn't fit... toss it (preferable donate it). If you will never read that book again....get rid of it. Make piles and decide what you want to keep and get rid of the other stuff. With the stuff that you want to keep find the best way to organize it. A book shelf, plastic tub, or expanding file... whatever fits your need best. Second, don't hide things. A lot of people have a place where they just toss anything they don't have a place for. ( For me its the chair in my bedroom.) If everything has a place and you get in the habbit of putting things back in their place....your house will stay neater. Third, find out how often certain chores need to be done. Let me give you an example. I have two black cats and light tan carpet. So vacuuming is an every day task. I also have a glass top table in my kitchen. I use it maybe once a week. So a weekly cleaning will be fine. Lastly, make sure you really enjoy your decorations and furniture. If you are surrounded by things you like then you are more likely to take better care of them. It sounds really simple and it is. I help friends get organized all the time. I hope this helped.
Lainey Originally Answered: How do i get organized?
Plan and organize is the goal! What I do that works really well is first off, make a plan. Find out were you want to put everything. Next, find out what you can use for storage purposes. Many department stores will soon (if not already) have a stockpile of storage supplies (don't be deterred on the cost, since they last long and will be able to move easily for your big move in September. Thirdly, start throwing out things/objects before you start your actual organization plan. Fourth, start one section at a time and make sure you have that section at least 80% done before starting a new section. I hope this helps! Oh and remember, a clean person always has a junk drawer (or two).
Lainey Originally Answered: How do i get organized?
You had mentioned you were moving into a new home, before you pack things up, discard anything that you don't want to take to your new home, I have moved many times and I just got used to doing that, and another big thing, is to label your boxes to save you time. I know that was not your question, but those are two important things to keep in mind,as far as cleaning once you clean good and discard, it is easier to keep on top on things.

Jenn Jenn
You could just get a paper planner or wall calendar. Or both. Or use your phone's calendar/task list.
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Jenn Originally Answered: What is the best way to stay organized in school?
get a binder for each class. except study, obviosuly. DO NOT use a "homework folder" that just makes everything more confusing. my last few years of high school i was into the whole color coding thing.. i even matched the folders with the binders, and my book covers with the binders and folders. i was a geek :) good luck.
Jenn Originally Answered: What is the best way to stay organized in school?
I usually start off the school year with good intentions; such as doing my homework immediately, acing my quizzes, etc. By the end of first quarter, i find gum wrappers, old sandwiches, and crushed chips at the bottom... Get different colored folders/binders for each class. Put homework in one side, notes/classwork in the other. Don't ever shove papers in - even when the bell rings. Take those 20 seconds to open your folder and put it in. That way you'll get in a habit of staying organized. Put as much stuff as possible in your locker so you're not lugging it around during the day! Takes a bad toll on your shoulders Bq: it's green with all these pretty designs! Got it from Target :) Bq2: 8:20-3:07 Bq3: LOL, no. I decorate it with pictures and drawings

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