If they do find the wreckage of Air France 447, What will happen?

If they do find the wreckage of Air France 447, What will happen? Topic: Air crash case study
June 16, 2019 / By Helen
Question: It's on the Ocean floor somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Will they try to raise it? Or just leave it laying there like Titanic?
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Duana Duana | 5 days ago
'Raising' it would not be an option! The plane would have crashed on water. In which case, the aircraft would have disintegrated as soon as it hit the ocean because of the force. Investigators would have to recover every single piece of the aircraft, and rebuild the aircraft again, in order to determine what exactly went wrong. The aircraft wouldn't be on the bottom of the ocean because it would be debris which would be scattered across a section of the Atlantic Ocean. In the aftermath of any air crash though, the main thing investigators would look for would be the black box. The black box is a flight data recorder. It is a long box containing a tape which records all sounds in a cockpit throughout the duration of a flight. Once discovered, the black box is be analyzed by professionals. The recording would be put together using technology and every single word uttered by the pilots would be documented and studied. Meanwhile, a search team would be recovering bodies, and debris (which would be the remnants of the aircraft). If a plane was to crash on land, then most of the time, the black box would be found among the place where the aircraft went down. When a plane crashes on water though, the circumstances are very different. Investigators will have a much more difficult task at locating the aircraft, and the aircraft itself would be totally broken into bits. When the entire wreckage of the aircraft has been obtained, the pieces would then be flown somewhere to be built back into the aircraft. In doing this, investigators would usually discover exactly went wrong (with the help of the black box recording). In the case of Flight AF 447, up to a dozen reports of electrical failures were sent from the plane before it vanished over the ocean. This would mean that if the wreckage of Flight AF 447 was found and built back together, the investigators would pay close attention to the plane's recovered hydraulic systems. The Investigators are searching for the debris of the aircraft right now. It is very sad, because it is almost certain that the plane would have gone down. The simple explanation is that by now, the fuel in the engines would have totally subsided. With no fuel, Flight AF 447 would have glided for a while. A skilled pilot would attempt to 'ditch' the plane. Mainly, this involves landing on water. Modern aircrafts are built to float on water, however only for a short time. Flight AF 447 however, would have had to land during a storm, which would have made the task even more difficult. It is why investigators are looking for the debris right now, because the French and Brazilian governments have already concluded that hopes of finding survivors alive have become 'bleak.'
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Cearra Cearra
It depends on a few things: 1. They need to find it however the black box does send a special sign that can only be picked up by a device. Which they can fit to ships, so I would assume that they would be getting ready to send a fleet of boats out to search for that signal. 2. Where it lies- if the plane is in deep water e.g. deeper then the titanic then they will send a machine down to pick up the important pieces. However there have been cases where they have recovered the aircraft from the ocean floor in water deeper then the titanic. 3. However at the end of the day it will all come down to how much it cost. I understand how important it is for the people left behind to have closer but if they don't have the money after they find it they will not raise it. So at this point it is hard to say what will happen with the flight 447 wreck
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Annetta Annetta
Search and Rescue procedure is that they will do all that is possible to recover, primarily, bodies. Of course the black box is crucial. Wreckage is more than likely scattered in the ocean but larger pieces can be bought up as this is needed in determining what actually happened and the plane is the large piece of the puzzle. Also it can provide information of any defects, faults of the plane that could have contributed to the crash. Very sad.
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Wynne Wynne
They will be required by law to raise the debris, and reconstruct the aircraft on a jig. This will be a key part of the investigation process. Note that the Pan Am Lockerbie 747 and the TWA 747 which crashed into the Atlantic in 1996 were also reconstructed on jigs.
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