What can you carry in each bag when traveling by air?

What can you carry in each bag when traveling by air? Topic: Suitcase sizes for air travel
June 16, 2019 / By Gina
Question: What can you carry in your handbag, and what can you carry in your suitcase? What things are prohibited, and what is the weight and size limit for suitcases?
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Deniece Deniece | 2 days ago
You can pack anything that a 'reasonable' person would want in your checked luggage. People even take fire arms (but they declare them) in their checked luggage for things like hunting trips. It is your carryon that will be the problem. Nothing that could be used as a weapon. Nail clippers and files, knives, forks, etc...And no liquids. You can have 3 oz bottles of liquids (ie. travel sized toiletries) in your carry on as long as they are in a clear 1 qt bag like a ziploc that must be taken out of your carryon when you go through security. No lighters either...put those in your checked bag. Don't worry too much, it isn't a big deal going through security.
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Calla Calla
In addition to TSA, you should also contact your airline. Each airlines have their own sets of rules regarding number of carry-ons and check-ins. Most airlines have this information posted on their websites.
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Alysa Alysa
check www.tsa.gov it has everything you'd ever need to know for what you can and can't bring. then additionally check with your airline and they will give you size and weight restrictions for your flight and list any items they prohibit in addition to TSA
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