I am a miserable college student. 10 pts best answer for good advice?

I am a miserable college student. 10 pts best answer for good advice? Topic: I have been working on my homework for hours.
June 16, 2019 / By Idelle
Question: i am a first year sophomore at the UMD and i am a cellular biology and molecular genetics major.. i am doing ok right now but i find myself MISERABLE over my chemistry classes. they are hard work. i can handle hard work if i had SOMETHING TO RELATE TO IN THE BOOK. i end up googling or wiki-how-ing all my work because they give an example in the book and something NOT EVEN IN THE SUBJECT on the homework and i am miserable MISERABLE and i hate it. i thought hard work, HONEST hard work would get me through this but im finding myself suicidal... if i have to keep doing this just to pass by the skin of my teeth, i know i will fail the class sooner or later. is this weird? am i alone???? i googled this and aparently i am alone. i am suicidal because this is my major, its what i want to do, i am under a lot of pressure.. and i am reaching my breaking point very very quick. someone give me advice. is this how it is in other colleges or does a good education system exist?? (PS i am doing great in my other classes where the work is difficult and IN THE BOOK)
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Best Answers: I am a miserable college student. 10 pts best answer for good advice?

Edytha Edytha | 7 days ago
Heyy I'm a bio major and it involves a fair bit of chemistry. I'm just barely passing for about the same reasons and I spend hours just trying to get my homework done. It's nuts. The prof expects us to teach ourselves the chapters and then arrive to class as experts so he can just do examples. His lectures jump around the chapters, which drives me nuts. They are in order for a reason!!!!!!! So for the first test it was on selected stuff from chapters 1-3, 6, and 8. the second one was those chapters plus 5, 9, and 10. It drives me insane, I hate it. See, you're not totally alone. ps. what i found to really help me was that my chem lab prof was the same prof as my chem lecture, so at the end of chem lab, i would just have him explain some stuff for me one-on-one that i didn't understand. i say just keep trying your hardest, and maybe research your profs on ratemyprofessor.com before you schedule classes (if you can choose them.. i can't even get into the classes i NEED lol)
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Charmian Charmian
I also find chem difficult, and sometimes the pressure of schoolwork is overwhelming. You should go in and talk to your teacher about getting help, especially if you feel that your chem book is not helpful. or seek help from other students in the class. Also if you feel so miserable and alone you should get help from a counselor, but you are certainly not alone. Dont stress out, it'l work out. Seriously, go and talk to your teacher, he should help. hope this helped, hang in there
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Arista Arista
It might not be the right thing for you if you're struggling. Or it could be that you have a bad teacher/book? My chemistry teacher said he had a lousy teacher/book and that he got a C in his class. Some teachers are just bad.
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