Are there any good review/rate sites for Westwood College?

Are there any good review/rate sites for Westwood College? Topic: How to determine the design of a research study
July 16, 2019 / By Reagan
Question: I might want to go there for Game Art & Design in the city of Anaheim, but I'm not entirely sure if it's the right one for me. Personal opinions are helpful too. Thanks
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Best Answers: Are there any good review/rate sites for Westwood College?

Matthew Matthew | 6 days ago
My husband is an animator, and teaches 2d/3d applications at a local art school, so here's what I know... If you want a career in animation, you need 1) a great portfolio 2) a great work ethic 3) willingness to learn 4) willingness to work on a wide variety of projects A lot of these "Game/Art Design" schools are a fly-by-night chop shops, that won't get your toe in the door of the crappiest post-production house. Be careful about who you give your money to. What are you really going to get out of it? Find out where their graduates end up. Start researching and learning all you can about the field. Go to NAB. Network with animators. Read up on stuff. Study demo reels. There's lot of good reading and tutorials here to get you started: http://www.toolfarm.com/ http://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/ http://www.fmctraining.com/fmc.asp?s=New... Here's a blurb from his website's FAQ: Where should I go to school to learn motion graphics? There are many great schools out there, from Savanah College of Art and Design, to Gobelins in France. I can't say which is the best for you. What I can say is go where you can learn how to design, and how to express your design through your software. Your effort will determine your success. Design every day, watch every design demo reel you can find. Realize that everyone starts out small, and it will take time (YEARS) to become proficient with your use of color, space, motion and time. You can do it at any art school, or skip art school altogether. It's your decision to make. Where did you learn? How long did it take? I studied it on my own, combing the forums and tutorials, watching Total Training by Brian Maffit (on 9 VHS tapes). It took about 10 years to get anywhere near being "good". Then again, I skipped art school.
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Joah Joah
I’m right here to permit you recognize that Westwood college isn't a rip-off. I went to Westwood, North Denver campus, and graduated in 2007 from their hotel/eating place administration pals degree software. besides the shown fact which you don’t desire a level to paintings in this industry, i myself needed the educational to help me as quickly as I opened my own eating place. on the time i became working finished-time interior the legal industry and couldn’t attend different colleges that required finished-time attendance in the time of the day. the workers at Westwood became out of the elementary and helped me decide my schedules, conquer time administration subjects, helped me with financial questions, and so on. The center training have been so instrumental in assisting me launch my business enterprise. i think you get out what you put in and that i actual have been given my funds’s nicely worth. i know of many Westwood grads who've landed jobs of their respective fields effectively and then i know some who have not; yet, i will say the same for certainly one of those great style of acquaintances that went to different ok conventional colleges. There’s basically a great style of adverse human beings obtainable that could want accountable somebody else for his or her very own mess ups. Sounds harsh, besides the shown fact that it’s the actuality.
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Graham Graham
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