Please answer, will I get 2 pack abs if I do this?

Please answer, will I get 2 pack abs if I do this? Topic: How to get homework answers fast
July 16, 2019 / By Lyrica
Question: Hi, I'm a 13 yr old girl and I'm starting to exercise, my goal is to lose 10 kg and by then i would eventually get 2 pack abs by December this yr.. If I do this, will I be able to get to my goal?: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: HIIT for 30-45 mins depending on homework etc Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: normal running at about 5mph For 45-60 mins Sunday- rest day Also every morning from mon- sat I will exercise on an empty stomach OR eat something realllllyyy low in calories for energy.. I will jog for about 25-30mins every morning, is that fine? So with the above as Q1, will I lose 10kg if I do that every week, and will I lose 10kg and get 2 pack abs BEFORE DECEMBER??.. I also have another Q :D Of course, I must diet so what should I have loads of? I don't really Want too much protein because it'll give me too much muscle but what else, like fruit and veg and...?? Thanks !:)
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Best Answers: Please answer, will I get 2 pack abs if I do this?

Keila Keila | 4 days ago
To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat. your method will work if done properly, you might even end up getting a 4 pack. Ill tell you a bunch of my methods that'll help you also. In the morning, when you've just woken up, don't eat anything!! Go for a 10 minute walk. In the morning, your body doesn't have any sugar to break up, so instead it breaks up your fats and the fats that are stored in your body. This is a great way to losing fat without doing much. But make sure you WALK at a steady pace, if you walk too fast and your heart starts beating fast, your body is going to have to work harder to break up the fats, and your body wont be able to break up the fats so instead it breaks up muscle, so remember to walk at a small steady pace. Now I'm going to tell you how to eat less. To eat less, you need to trick your stomach into thinking it's full. as you eat, your stomach expands, this is what makes your stomach full. Now if you eat 1 lb of butter, it'll be the same as drinking 1 lb of water, because your stomach is expanding, your body doesn't know if its a food or drink. So before every meal, drink 2 glasses of water, this will expand your stomach, and making you eat less, which will increase the speed of your abs. Everyone has ABS, its just that you can't see it, because.it is covered by the fat on your body. You need to burn the fat on your body, NOT by doing continuous stomach exercises such as sit ups. Sit ups are really slow, it takes 25000 sit ups to lose 1lb of fat. Instead try doing cardiovascular exercises. A cardiovascular exercise is any exercise which makes your heart beat fast, but make sure you do these exercises after eating all your meals and just before sleeping.. you don't want your body to break up muscles. A good cardio exercise is M-100 which is known to losing 10kg In less than two months. YouTube M-100 they are really effective. Also, remember to eat protein right after your workout, you must do this. If you don't, the workout is pointless. Its because protein is used for growth and repair, when your working out, you're ripping your muscles, after you eat protein, it repairs the muscle but grows it back bigger. Its not going to be easy, but it'll be worth it in the end. Good luck, and train hard.
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Keila Originally Answered: Im 16 how do I get a six pack.?
How to get 6 pack abs without doing situps As a London Personal Trainer I often get asked how to develop a strong core and 6 pack stomach muscles. It seems that so many people are still practicing old exercises and cranking out hundreds of situps on a daily basis in the hope of reducing stomach fat and developing their 6 pack abs. Doing regular sit ups or crunches will not only give you back problems but doesn't really help in develping your core and revealing your stomach muscles. Our core / stomach muscles are more complex than you may think and need to be worked in three different planes of motion for optimal results. Doing regular situps and crunches is both unnatural and only addresses one plane of movement, and it's not very good at doing that. As well as taking the core / stomach muscles through 3 different planes of movement the body fat covering the abdominals must also be addressed. Forget the old wives tale about spot reducing fat, this simply isn't the case, hundreds of situps won't burn stomach fat - fat naturally comes off in layers from all over the body. The only way to reduce stomach fat is with a good total body exercise programme and by eating a healthy diet. Remember that we all have stomach muscles waiting to be seen under our belly fat but in order to increase their size and make them more visable they need to be trained like any other body part. So, a combination of the correct abdominal / core exercises, a healthy diet and a good all over body routine will bring your 6 pack abs out for all to see. I have found the following 6 exercises to be the best for stabalising your core and reducing potential back pain whilst bringing your abdominals / obliques to the surface. 1. The Side Plank - keep your hips inline, belly button in and maintain this postition for as long as possible. Start with 30 secs and increase up to 2 minutes over time. Breathe! 2. The Front Plank - keep your body in a straight line, belly button in and arms at 90 degrees. Start with 30 secs and increase up to 2 minutes over time. Breathe! 3. The Bird Dog - keep your back flat, belly button pulled in, thumb up and out at 45 degrees. Opposite leg goes straight back. Start with 6 reps on each side and work up to 3 sets of 12. 4. The Front Mountain Climber - in a press up position with you back flat and belly button pulled in bring your knee straight up to your chest. Breathe out as you do so and contract your abdominals as if you were being punched in the stomach. Take leg back and repeat. Start with 6 on each side and work up to 3 sets of 12. 5. The Outside Mountain Climber - as above but drop your hips slightly and bring your knee to the outside of your elbow. Squeeze the side of your stomach, your obliques, together as if being folded in half sideways. 6. The Inside Mountain Climber - as with the above mountain climber but bring your knee across and squeeze the side of your stomach muscles (obliques). Perform all these exercises 3 times a week along with your regular workout for the ultimate strong core and the highly ellusive six pack stomach muscles. Good luck and enjoy your new abs!!
Keila Originally Answered: Im 16 how do I get a six pack.?
Getting a 6-pack stomach requires many areas of dedication. Diet, exercise, hydration and even mental work. There are really no short cuts. It's fine to try sit-ups and similar exercises but variety is the best, this even includes running and twists and even sitting properly and using your abs. Try even tightening them when you are stopped at a red light. Every little bit helps. There is so much to list and lots of information out there. I happy with my results and I got the information from http://www.howtogeta6packstomach.com, it was great info. I hope they don't mind me spreading out. Good Luck friend.
Keila Originally Answered: Im 16 how do I get a six pack.?
haha you're sorta like me.. im 16 6 ft and 145lbs umm its actually pretty easy it just takes time.. this is what i did every night... 50 sit ups 100 crunches 30 leg lifts and i jogged like once a week.. got my abs in about a month..

India India
Fatlum, I can see why you're named Fat. I'm 13 with a six pack. You might want to do some core exercises 1-3 times a week, it would suck to get to 8% body fat and not see your abs. You should have loads of water, it increases your metabolism.
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