My penis is very sensitive?

My penis is very sensitive? Topic: Not case sensitive meaning of
June 16, 2019 / By Elbridge
Question: I have phimosis and my penis is very sensitive when touched(the head if u know what i mean) But i am not interested in answers about phimosis but how to make my penis less sensitive when touched with dry/wet finger
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Carmi Carmi | 8 days ago
Your glans is hypersensitive, but answers have to include phimosis, as that is the cause of this. Type in CIRP on your browser and you will find a number of treatments for your condition which don't involve the drastic mutilation of circumcision, which is NEVER necessary or desirable. To reduce your sensitivity, the phimotic condition needs to be treated, so the foreskin can be retracted, which will bring your sensitivity back to normal. Streching the foreskin opening usually is effective. This is done slowly, gently and gradually, over a period of weeks or months. Stretching can include pulling down on the foreskin when erect to the point of some pain, but not too much so. With the penis flaccid and foreskin fully forward over the glans, a sideways stretching can also be done. There is even a tool, called a "glansie" to assist with this. Should all else fail, in severe cases, a small slit called a dorsal slit can be cut surgically in the foreskin opening to facilitate retraction. Once you're able to retract the foreskin, simply keeping it retracted for periods of time every day will expose the glans to the air, and the drying will decrease the sensitivity. You won't be able to keep the foreskin retracted at first while clothed, as the friction of the material will be unbearable. Since you mention that you can touch the glans with your finger, it appears that your phimosis isn't severe, and stretching should help solve this, but it is the cause of your hypersensitivity and inseperable from it. When this is resolved, your sensitivity will become more normal, and your foreskin will have greater mobility, giving you and your partner more pleasure in sex, and for yourself, greater pleasure in masturbation. The best of luck to you.
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Alleric Alleric
Hi John. If you're uncircumcised then how easy (or otherwise) it would be for you to retract the foreskin would depend on how tight it was. You should normally be able to although do it gently. If it hurts to do it then it's possible you may have a phimosis - or a tight foreskin. This can if severe cause problems so the best thing I could suggest would be to see a eurologist or your family doctor for advice. Maybe even consider a circumcision but as you say it's becoming sensitive and rubbing your clothing etc, I don't think that's the case because it's probably retracting and hence the reason for that. when you are washing, try to gently retract the foreskin and then you should be able to wash the glans. Yes it will be very sensitive at first but be gentle and all should be well. I'm sure the gunk you mention is smegma - a natural secretion from the penis but can be smelly if not cleaned regularly. If when you are retracting it hurts you in any way or doesn't come back easily then please don't do it. If you retract a tight foreskin and then get an erection, it can be very hard and painful to get the foreskin to come back again and could even cut off the supply of blood to the tip of the penis so if that's the case, my earlier advice to ask your doctor or a urologist would be the way to go. I hope that helps and good luck. Take care.
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Tayler Tayler
There are creams that will numb it and make it less sensitive. Talk to your health care provider and they should be able to give you something.
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Robina Robina
if you talk to your doctor there are several medicines to take orally, creams whatever floats your boat, so talk to your doctor and see what he thinks is best for you.
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