Why does everyone think that Cena makes WWE A LOT of money?

Why does everyone think that Cena makes WWE A LOT of money? Topic: Where to find sources for a research paper
June 16, 2019 / By Macy
Question: Where have you guys seen that Cena earn the WWE more money than any other superstar in their roster? In merchandise? Do they do polls? Ratings? Where do you get your facts? There are no given facts. Dont be an idiot and assume. Dont make assumptions facts. geez, i guess I am not writting in english... PLEASE SHOW ME SOME PROOF. You know when you do a research paper and you have to nam your sources? Thats what I am looking for. W-H-A-T I-S Y-O-U-R S-O-U-R-C-E?
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Kelsie Kelsie | 9 days ago
You are all f-ing morons. Do you guys pay attention to what people ask for? I dont really have any facts about Cena. The only thing that I have found is the RAW ratings. If you take a look you can see that yes the ratings bearly went up (by .4 points) when Cena came back, but compared to the same week/month last year it is still lower. So, I dont see Cena being as big of a money maker or an impact as everyone says. In my opinion, he is a poor wrestler and shouldnt be in any world tittle match. He doesnt have to be a world champion to sell t-shirts. It would be good enough for him to be a mid-card wrestler or at most be on the run for the tittle but not actually get a freacking tittle shot. But thats ALL my opinion. The only fact I found is the ratings and I dont understand why everyone says that he has raised the ratings because it moved from 3.5 to 3.9 WOW. last year after RR RAW had 4.2.
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he did actually win the match by disqualification, but at the same time, he was the first one to cash in the briefcase and not walk away with the title; its funny because big show caused him to not win the title, and punk caused the triple threat match

Isleen Isleen
Look at this weeks raw raitings, The raitings jumped up which means more money for the WWE, look at all the kids that go to the events 90% of them are wearing Cena stuff.
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Elisabeth Elisabeth
well he does he has 8 pages of the garbage even more than dx hhh or hbk so ofcource he going to sell alot. If hhh had 8 pages of the stuff he sell helluve alot more than cena
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Chloris Chloris
The Peoples Champ knows retarded people, he is retarded himself! It's just kind of a given fact I guess because all the kids want Cena merch and stuff.
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Aubree Aubree
MVP..you gotta stop that was funny.....On the real though yeah they have a way to keep up with it... WWE. Productions made $26,000,000 profit off of The Marine....
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I have to disagree, as John Cena is a limited wrestler with a limited moveset whose matches aren't that entertaining or impressive.He seems to get booked as Champion or #1 contender on the strength of his marketability and merchandising sales.

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