What makes a writer uniquely American?

What makes a writer uniquely American? Topic: Essay writer needed
July 20, 2019 / By Mace
Question: I have an essay to write and this is kind of a hard question. What makes a writer uniquely American ? Also i need some examples but I don't know what to focus on. We had to read some short stories like Benjamin Franklin's "Way to Wealth".
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Jehiel Jehiel | 7 days ago
It's impossible to point to one thing in particular that makes a writer uniquely American. American writers are incredibly diverse, and the only thing all American writers have in common is their American citizenship. That's the answer I would give.
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Garth Garth
This is some thing you must do, but when I'd need to reply I'd say: the corruption. Somehow persons have positioned matters in there books that will not belong, one being rape. It's some thing that should not be in books, despite the fact that it is well to the tale. But, a few writers (like myself) nonetheless have the experience of writing; being that we all know what to, and to not installed a ebook. Hoped this helped and sure, I am American.
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Devil Devil
Based on what I've seen lately, I'd have to say: poor grasp of the English language, poor grammar and poor spelling.
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