What should I pack for my youth group vacay?

What should I pack for my youth group vacay? Topic: I jeans case study
July 16, 2019 / By Byrne
Question: Me and my youth group are leaving for San Antonio on June 15th. We live in Dallas, so it's not that big of a vacation, but I am so excited!!!! It lasts for 4 days. Here is the description coming from the church website: Summer-Get-Away is a trip to San Antonio filled with sun, water, tons of food, crazy games, and more! Specifically - 1 day at Schlitterbahn Water Park, 1 day of tubing down the Guadalupe River, and 1 day of San Antonio touring at the Riverwalk. This includes nightly programming filled with intense worship, challenging Bible teaching and small group time, led by our Junior High adult leaders. One problem, I'm horrible at packing. I bring the essentials, but I always forgot something! Can you guys make a FULLY DETAILED list so that I won't be the extremely forgetful person that I usually am? The bible study really isn't all that "challenging" or "intense".
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Aldridge Aldridge | 8 days ago
4 swimsuits 5 shorts (one pair of denims, four pairs of cotton or elastic-waisted shorts for comfort) at least 8 t-shirts (sleep and daytime) 3 pairs of jeans sleep pants light jacket for cooler nights one hoodie sunglasses hat high SPF sunblock hair brush hair ties very comfortable shoes (sneakers) one or two pairs of flip flops (in case you lose one pair) But I have to question this "challenging" bible worship. I am a bit amused by the wording. Frankly, I can't help but correlate the lack of ability to remember travel essentials with the fondness for religion.
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