Traveling on a plane with a baby?

Traveling on a plane with a baby? Topic: Baby in suitcase safes
July 17, 2019 / By Angel
Question: I'll be traveling with my little one for the first time this August and I need some tips and tricks on how to go about doing this. I'm so nervous about it because it's stressful enough traveling alone let alone with a baby! My husband will be traveling with us too so I will have help. But if any moms have flown with a baby (he'll be 2 1/2 months during the trip) that would be helpful. We wont really HAVE to bring a car seat or stroller since my family has that already where we're going and will let us borrow it once we get there. But will it make traveling easier if I brought the stroller? (I was planning to carry him in a carrier/wrap). Also, I'd have to bring the car seat and maybe the base for the car seat if I'm going to use the stroller since he's still a baby. We are planning to just pack a diaper bag for him of course and two suitcases for us to all put our clothing in. I'm also breast feeding so if anyone has any experiences with that please share. Did you nurse on the plane or did you pump (It's a pretty long flight, 14 hours so I'd need a lot of bottles pumped if I decide to use bottles!) Anyway, please please share any advice that you can give me. I'd really appreciate experiences as well! Anything that helped you with traveling? We are most likely flying on Delta if that helps too. I wasnt going to use the wrap while seated. Why would i need it while im sitting!?!? Im talking about carrying him around in it. And of course its safer to use a car seat ...its also more expensive. It would be another $1000 to have him sit and before anyone says it yes we want to keep him safe but we are already spending $2500 on this trip!
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Trace Trace | 10 days ago
Your little one will most likely sleep the entire flight at that age since the plane is essentially a giant womb. I flew with my daughter from South Korea to Idaho when she was 2 months (16 hours on a plane) and she slept almost the whole time. She woke up to eat then passed back out instantly (she's a terrible sleeper so it was awesome). I breastfed during take off and landing to help her ears and breastfed her during the flight. It was so much easier than carrying around bottles and worrying about the milk staying good or carrying any extra stuff like bottles. I took her car seat on the plane and checked the stroller at the door but honestly it was more of a hassle. I had her sling and she stayed in there the whole time anyways. When you get on the plane ask the attendant for a bassinet seat, they have bassinets that hook directly into the wall of the plane which was awesome. I took her boppy on board with us for feedings and for her to sleep on, it was a life saver.
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Trace Originally Answered: Traveling with swiss airlines with baby?
I'm a former Flight Attendant and I now fly between Europe and California a lot with my three children. We haven't flown Swiss Air though. I just used my car seat yesterday leaving Frankfurt on Lufthansa. They wanted to know if it was FAA approved (which it is). I couldn't find much information on their site; http://www.swiss.com/web/EN/services/spe... Bringing the car seat is a good idea for two reasons. First, there is no replacement as far as safety is concerned. Using the car seat is safer than either a bassinet or just laying her across the seats. Second, bringing the car seat on board guarantees that your baby's seat is not broken and/or lost by checking it down in the hold. I had babies who hated their car seats but were happy to sit in them in the aircraft. In the unfamiliar surroundings, sometimes it's comforting to sit somewhere familiar. In your shoes, I would contact Swiss Air first by email and ask them specifically about their requirements for a car seat. The advantage is that they can then email you back, you can than print it up and bring it with you in case of any questions. Once, my car seat was wrongly removed by a Lufthansa F/A and I didn't have anything printed up to prove him wrong. Either they will say the seat has to be FAA approved or EU approved. If it's the later, ask them if they accept UN approval, which is more likely for an American seat. Look in your car seat's manual or contact the manufacturer if it does have UN approval. My seat does but it's not printed up. The company emailed me back to tell me this. Of course you can do what I've done on several companies. I've taken my seats on board and simply strapped them in and used them without question. This can work but about three times, no it didn't and they took the seat away! (Iberia, Air France and the story above about Lufthansa). Since you've paid for a seat for your baby, it would be a shame not to put a car seat in it. I've seen all those scary videos they don't release to the public and believe me, if you had, there would be no question about using the seat! For more information about flying with children, about 8 years ago I wrote an article for a local expat newsletter. I kept expanding it with input both on line and in real life. I later put it on a blog so parents had access to non-commerical information based on both my practical and professional experience. Much of what was on the web was just to sell stuff and/or written by those who had never worked for an airline directly. Feel free to visit; http://flyingwithchildren.blogspot.com It's also featured on this month's Expat Women site; http://www.expatwomen.com/mothers/flying... Good luck using it on board and have a good flight!

Sabrina Sabrina
I would just have him in your sling/carrier vs a stroller if you dont absolutly need on (because your family has stuff to use once you land). I would breast feed on the plane. And I would try to feed gim or give him a pacifire when you are landing because it can hurt his little ears with the quick altitude change if he is sucking on something it can help. He would probably be more relaxed with you and dad holding him anyway, and you wont typically get an extra seat for the baby. He is pretty young, so I am not sure how the policy works for infants but they usually let you have your baby in your lap and dont charge a ticket for him.
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Netta Netta
Just nurse on the plane. So much easier and comforting for both you and baby. I've had no issues with people who have sat near me though I do tell them that I will be nursing. Last flight I was on, the guy who sat next to me had four kids, all whom were extended nursers so it was a good conversation starter. I would personally bring stroller and car set. Both can be gate checked or just checked for free with your luggage but the times I have flown with my son, having the seat is nice for when baby is sleeping... not t mention much safer. Depending on the airline, most will not allow you to use a sling or wrap or anything that isn't FAA approved during take off and landing (the exception is your arms). Also, having the baby strapped into the car seat will maybe allow you to doze knowing they can't squirm their way out. One piece of advice: ignore the rolling eyes. They are automatic as soon as someone sees a baby on the plane. Not much you can do about it other than tending to your baby as needed. Also, bring ziplock bags for poopie diapers... helps with the smell.
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Luella Luella
I know that flying is statistically safer, however, I would still highly reconsider bringing your child's car seat along. It may be impossible to hold onto your child. A 10 lb baby in a low speed crash of 30 mph would weigh 300 lbs. That would be how much your baby weighs in the car. How about how much your baby would weigh when you are in the air at 200+mph? It would be impossible to hold onto your baby. Your baby's car seat is specifically designed to take these crash forces. I would highly reconsider, at the very least, taking your baby's car seat and hoping for a free seat where your baby can sit. The free seat would most likely have to be by a window as a rear facing car seat cannot be blocking other passengers (even you) from exiting the plane. The airline may prohibit you from carrying your baby in a wrap or carrier while you are in your airplane seat because if you were to encounter turbulane, your upper body would move forward crushing your baby. Lap only seat belts only restrain your lower body, but your upper body is still moving- your upper body can go parallel to the ground and even hit your knees!
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Kayleah Kayleah
Taking a pram would defiantly make things easier. If you struggle then your husband will have to pull two cases or vise versa. Breast feeding is completely natural remember so what ever you feel most comfortable doing, remember the baby is young and so a plane could either make him/her distressed or the complete opposite they may sleep the whole way. I know personally if i was to breast feed id only feel comfortable if no one could see so sitting by the window may be the best option for you. Hope this helps.
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Hope Hope
The NHTSA, FAA, and AAP all recommend that children under 40 pounds ALWAYS fly in a car seat. http://carseatblog.com/16971/lap-babies-... http://www.faa.gov/passengers/fly_childr... http://www.jetwithkids.com/blog/danger-o... IMO, the cost of a plane ticket is never greater than the cost of your child being injured or killed. http://carseatblog.com/8037/guest-blog-flying-with-a-car-seat-know-your-rights/
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Hope Originally Answered: Traveling with 2 dogs and a baby any advice or tips?
This is way too complicated. Board them, or hire a petsitter/housesitter. Traveling with a baby on a long trip can be stressful and exhausting enough, adding 2 dogs makes it even more so. Packing & unpacking both the dogs' stuff in addition to the baby's things- - this doesn't sound like a vacation. You have plenty of time to put aside money each week for the longer trips as they're quite a ways off. If you find a person or facility you trust, get the dogs used to it for the first short trip, then you won't worry about them on the longer trips.

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